Mama cat is about to give birth.

michelle_phxazJune 14, 2011

A stray cat hopped in my car last week (she is so friendly and just knew I had t take her home). She was also greasey and filthy from living in our work's parking lot. She was just too cute but when I checked her out at home I realized she was heavily pregnant.

I need to find a good book, web site, or even if anyone he can help me with the birth I wouldbe o grateful.

I have a few choices of beds for her, but she seems content on the bed in the guest bedroom.

So, in DETAIL please tell me what to do exactly

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The cat will take care of everything but do provide her with good food and fresh water.
So in DETAIL you are asking please tell me what to do...I would tell you to have her spayed as soon as she is finished nursing her kittens. This is the most important thing for you to do and try to find responsible people for the kittens.

Hope this helps,


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My mother took in a very pregnant stray from her work parking lot 2 years ago.

For the birth, she ended up with a large cardboard box, which she closed the lid and cut a sizable opening in the front. For bedding she gave her old towels that could somewhat easily be exchanged and washed after the birth.

She was told that some cats seem to want people around and others want to be left alone. Make yourself available if possible, but don't intrude. Just pay attention to what mama seems to want and she will take care of it. My mother found that mama cat ate HUGE amounts of wet food while nursing- which isn't surprising.

She also had to tie off a few umbilical cords after the fact- you can probably find this information on the internet if you look around.

For the most part, mama will take care of everything kitten-wise, if you take care of mama. Do try to line up some homes for them ASAP. My mother found that by around week 8, mama was getting very tired of the kittens and was becoming far less tolerant of their presence. At that point, 2 of the kittens needed to see a vet for a cough they had developed. After the short trip to the vet and return home, mama completely rejected those 2 kittens and they had to be separated until they could go to their new home. When it comes to cats, a mother's love is not necessarily what you might think!

Good luck. I hope you have a positive experience. Bless you for taking this poor girl off the street.

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Michelle....I'm sorry I sounded so rude or abrupt in my previous reply. It's kitten season here too where I live and it's really sad that people don't get their animal fix.

It's nice you have rescued her and enjoy the kittens, because there's nothing cuter than kittens...perhaps puppies...oh I think they're pretty equal on my list.


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Feed her kitten food, also, now through weaning.

Can you visit the vet?

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Cats have been doing it all by themselves since the beginning of time. I'm sure everything will go fine. Did you do a google-search of some You Tube videos of cat births? I would just to prepare myself a little more so I didn't go into panic mode. It's nice to see things for yourself. Have you found a vet/emergency clinic in your area *just in case*? There are at times complications (I read cat-breeder boards) so it's good to have an emergency plan in place. Keep us posted - I'm anxious to hear how everything goes!

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Sophie Wheeler

Pregnant cats can still be spayed. I guarantee that there won't be a shortage of kittens in your area to supply those looking to adopt. Bu there will be 4-6 kittens at a shelter that won't find a home if you allow this cat to deliver.

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I also wish you would have had this pregnancy stopped, I think of all the cats that are homeless. HOWEVER I do respect that you took this needy cat into your home and it is your choice to let her have the kittens. Who dosen't love kittens.
Thank you for caring and giving this baby (and her kittens) a nice home and a good chance at life!.

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I have seen very few cats have problems giving birth compared to the hundreds of dogs having problems, so they are pretty trouble free when it comes to partruition. But do NOT feed mom kitten food until she has her babies or you can set her up for having eclampsia (hypocalcemic difficulties). Just good quality cat food is fine for now... kitten food best for after birth so she can keep up with her babie's needs for calcium.

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Stray cats in particular need kitten food before birth of their kittens.

Feeding Your Own Pregnant Cat
If your cat is already on a diet of quality canned cat food, it should be safe to continue feeding her the same brand she is accustomed to for awhile. However, during the last three to four weeks, she should be switched to a nutritious canned kitten food, and continue on that regimen until after the kittens are weaned. (The kittens will then be fed the same food as mom.) In the final week of her pregnancy, try a supplement of KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement (Compare Prices), which is readily available in most pet supply stores and many supermarkets.

A commercially produced kitten formula is a good source of the extra nutrients required both during gestation and for some weeks after the birth. The additional calories and higher levels of other key nutrients are just what the mother needs. Kitten foods also have an added advantage during weaning: the litter will already have tried some of their growing-up food by copying Mum. If your cat suffers from mild food sensitivities and is fed a �delicate� formula food, there are a variety of sensitive and delicate formula kitten foods available. However, if your cat is on a specific diet for health reasons, consult your vet before making any changes. (

The queen should eat a premium adult food prior to pregnancy and for the first few weeks of pregnancy. Starting the fourth week of pregnancy, begin adding a premium kitten food to her diet. Each week, increase the amount of the kitten food, so when she is in her final week of pregnancy, she is on all kitten food. Increase the frequency of the daily meals to three or free-feed her by mid-pregnancy. She may need to eat small meals every 3-4 hours during the last week of the pregnancy, as the kittens continue to take up more room (remember that most fetal growth occurs in the last two weeks of gestation).

During the last week of pregnancy and the first 3-4 weeks of lactating, she may eat 1�-2 times the amount she ate before pregnancy. As long as she is gaining a healthy amount and not becoming obese, she should receive the food. (

It is safe to feed your pregnant feline the same brand of cat food you have been feeding her before. Although this is true throughout the majority of the pregnancy, there are food diversions that you should be aware of. When your feline is on the last four weeks of pregnancy, her cat food should be changed.

Whatever she�s eating, it�s time to change it to high quality kitten foods. This will ensure the proper amounts of nutrition reach both the mother and the developing kittens. Kitten Milk Replacement should be given during the last week of pregnancy. This formula can be purchased at almost any credible pet store.

As for stray cats, I would recommend to start feeding them kitten food from the start of the pregnancy. The reason for this is if you have adopted a stray cat, she will be most likely malnourished and thin. She needs to regain as much energy as possible to build up her stamina and strength to provide the necessary nutrition for her unborn developing fetuses.

Now you�re thinking, what are the risks for my cat during pregnancy? Well the main risk that is developed in the last stages of pregnancy, and during nursing, is a condition called eclampsia. This condition results because of a lack of calcium within the bloodstream.

That�s why calcium supplements should be given to your feline friend to avoid this life threatening condition. Also make sure your cat receives quality foods and a constant fresh supply of water to combat fatigue associated with pregnancy and nursing.

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Michelle - any babies yet???

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Hi! Yes, we have 5 beautiful, healthy babies, I actually was going to terminate the pregnancy but I already have homes lined up for them!

I will INSIST that part of my adoption acceptance is that they spay/neuter each kitten before or after they go to their new home.

I have been feeding Amy (mama cat) good kitten food, and boy does she snarf it down!

I know most cats prefer privacy, but Amy is willing to let us pet the babies and even hold them for a bit.

I just feel so blessed to have her choose me for this event.

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Sounds like everything has gone very well- including finding homes for them. It will be a happy ending for everyone.

If you haven't already, check with your vet now to find out when s/he will spay mama for you. My mother found that she was going to have a very narrow window for spaying mama between when her milk dried up and when she went into heat again (some vets won't spay while in heat, including my mother's), so they had to be ready to jump as soon as the stars aligned. I've heard a lot of horror stories about vets who won't spay a cat in heat, and a cat who will seemingly never go out of heat. My brother had one last year that they had to put up with for months until there was a break in the heat cycles and they could spay her. Good to plan ahead, even if it seems early, it's not and your vet will have all the information you need.

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Ah, it's going to be a lot of fun watching them grow. They had a litter at the pound I visited yesterday. They were hopping around and wrestling in their room. It's hysterical watching them play. The longer they can stay with their mamma the better it is for their development so don't adopt them out too early.

I think you did a great thing for her and I'm glad she has found a responsible home now. It was a lot to have to take on. Just think, if you hadn't taken her in, we'd have 6 cats out there reproducing and going feral. People don't use their heads. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Amy gets along with the rest of your clan when the time comes for introductions!

You mentioned a MASH unit which I don't know much about. Do they spay and early spay/neuter? Maybe they could do the whole litter and Amy in one shot. I'd personally rather adopt after a kitten was fixed and reimburse you for any fees.

I'd heed the warning quasifish gave and have Amy spayed as soon as possible. A kitten I bought was not spayed but she was so sick I couldn't bring her in for her operation for months and don't you know it, she went into heat! Grrr. Thankfully, it only lasted about a week but you get a nutty cat with non-stop crying and spritzing in the house.

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Congrats and kudos to you for taking her and helping her birth her babies. You stopped this cycle right here and now. Thanks for being kind to her and her babies.

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