bentley's new found freedom

NinapearlJune 27, 2010

my new guy is proving to be the perfect dog! he is really enjoying his new found freedom, able to run and play off leash and his recall is excellent. sometimes, he will bound away in pursuit of a rabbit or he'll get a burst of energy and get a serious case of the zoomies out in the field but one whistle brings him charging back to my side. i swear, i can almost see him grinning. :D

he dragged a long line around the first couple of days but he has proven himself reliable so now, like the girls, he doesn't even wear a collar unless we are going to town.

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I'm so happy for Bentley he's found heaven on earth since you rescued him. Nice playground for your furbabies

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thanks, christine. i'm not sure who is happier...him or me. :)

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He is so very, very lucky, I love the photos. Like C. wrote, your dogs have heaven on earth. :o)

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Bentley is so lucky to have you and his new "buds".

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*I* am the lucky one! bentley has sure managed to bring me out of the doldrums since i lost my 2 corgi kids a few months ago. was it winston churchill who said "the outside of a dog is good for the inside of a man"? or, woman in this case! :)

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

What a great place to walk! I'm loving your pics too!

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cute pics!

but ya know....

When I first looked at that first photo, I blinked & had to hit my mental re-set button.

I thought,
"What am I looking at?
I thought Bentley was a dog.
These are horses."


Oh, yeah...
those *are* dogs!

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LOL, sylvia!! i had no idea we had mental reset buttons! please, please tell me where to find it!!! :D

thanks, bumblebeez. i am so blessed not only to have hundreds of acres of farm fields around me but also very friendly farmers who don't care that we walk through their fields as long as they aren't planted. this field is "set aside" ground, about 100 acres that grows wild. the path you see is where i mowed down to the road to allow us to walk off of the farm without going past the underground fence boundary. i mowed it to lessen the chances of walking up on a snake! :O

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It look like fun for everyone.

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Beautiful dogs and beautiful photos! I do hope you'll consider having simple loose and comfy tag collars made for them so that they have ID on at all times. Anything can happen in the house when you aren't home, or in the field even when you're with them. With ID on, the story has a better chance of a positive outcome.

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cynthia, i have appointment for all 3 of them next month for wellness checks and regular vaccinations. i am going to have them all microchipped but you're right, simple collars with i.d. tags would probably be a good idea.

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