Where / how to end backsplash?

mythreesonsncMarch 2, 2011

I am just about to place my tile order for our house and one area marked TBD with the tile people is the backsplash for the butler's pantry. This is because I have no idea what to do here in terms of how to "complete" the tile.... but I really need to figure it out and would really appreciate your input!!

Here is the space I am talking about. The base cabinets are about 24" deep and the uppers are 12-14". It is a straight run of about 11' and it sits between two side walls that are more like 30" deep.

If I tile it (I have in mind a simple subway tile), do I just run it straight across the back and end it when it runs into the side walls? This might be an issue because of the sink on the right side wall.

If no tile, do I just put a granite backsplash around all 3 sides (there is a sink against one of the side walls)? This is functional, but not my favorite look, is there a way to dress this up?

This will be in a highly visible place in the house, so I want it to look great - one of the more formal areas, so I think I might need to be creative --- I was thinking I could do one of the curved pieces of granite backsplash where the standard granite is on the sides and it gets higher in the middle.... but would that look strange since the sink would not be in the middle of the high part? I know I have seen this, and I cannot find the picture.

Maybe I could have the side start low in granite (or marble or whatever) and I could have it curve up like a bracket to the upper cabinet --- then I guess I'd run the granite all the way across the back? Is that too much?

I also see lots of pictures where the tile wraps on the side walls as well, but the pictures rarely show how it ends --- i.e. if you carry it out as deep as the lower counter, then what happens at the upper cabinet?

Would love ideas, input and especially pictures! Thanks so much for reading!

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I end backsplash at the inside corner.
I don't tile side walls because it causes more dilemma.
Where to end, how to edge it (trim / profiles etc).

Leaving the side walls bare means they need something.
It's a small dilemma not a big one.
Paint, or a pane of tempered frosted glass glued and untrimmed, or whatever else you can imagine.

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