Teresa, I made your wild rice. Chase, I made your beans...

whgilleDecember 23, 2012

Dinner party last night was a lot of fun and I got to try new dishes.

Here is how I did it: The day before I cooked the most delicious wild rice, thanks to Teresa and her wonderful and easy recipe.

I made Chase baked beans with the chipotle ketchup that I made, it was a hit!, thank you for the recipe, I only added some sauteed onions and garlic before baking them and because I had a vegetarian I didn't put bacon, instead I sauteed cut chorizo on the side.

Made carrot cake and it was frosted the day of the party.

I made 2 roasts, one was a chuck and the other a picnic roast. Both were cooked in different seasonings but both had beer, they were cooked for about 4 1/2 hours. The one that was most popular was the pork.

Appetizer is always good when we have brie in puff pastry

The side dishes were very good, I made a fresh tomato salad plain with herbs, a whole chinese cabbage sauteed with a little bit of butter, to the rice I added sauteed mushrooms, to the baked beans it was optional the chorizo. I cooked baby potatoes together with the pork at the last hour of cooking.

This is one of the guests plate.


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Silvia, everything looks delicious. Especially the beans and the two roasts.


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Glad you enjoyed the beans! I was sure the homemade ketchup would be a nice addition.

Sounds and looks like a lovely dinner.

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Silvia everything looks wonderful. I would love to have a plate served to me like you showed. Your fortunate to be able to grow fresh tomatoes for such a long season. I adore homegrown tomatoes!

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Ann - Thank you, the guests left full and that was my price. I like when everyone eats and have a good time.

Chase - You had a bright idea with the homemade ketchup, they were perfect pairing for the meats. I will make them again.

Dixiedog - This morning we had some frost in the lawn, but when I went to check the tomatoes, it was warmer and sunny and they are still doing fine.
I served the food buffet style and everyone served themselves as much as they wanted. Love to have guests and cook for them, if you were living closer, you would also be invited.
From the appetizer dish that I don't know how I posted upside down,lol. I was left with puff pastry and for lunch I made more tomatoes.


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Silvia, it all looks delicious and sounds like a wonderful party. The beans looks especially good, I love beans of all descriptions. That tomato tart looks good too, though.


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Thank you Annie - Every day I learn something new to try. I got the idea about the ketchup from you and Chase gave me the idea on the beans, we all like them.
I wanted to make the filo tart that somebody posted but I had already the puff pastry leftover, anyway it came out good, next time I will make the filo.


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Silvia, what an amazing delicious dinner! everything, every dish works so well together! You are the matchmaker of the food world.

Wild rice is very special, "God's Gift", "Sacred gift". I enjoy reading and learning about the Native American cultural significance of Ricng. Look into youtube, you will find it very interesting.


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Thank you Dcarch - When I cook and after the guest eat and they like the meal, I feel a satisfaction that everything that I did went well and when they go for seconds and praise the food that is a very good sign,lol.

And today, you just made smarter.:) I did go and see the youtube videos, so interesting! Especially for me that I spent as a child a good time with my father in the Amazon jungle learning about the food, the plants and the native tribes...


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