Undesirable feline sexual behavior in neutered cat

runsnwalkenJune 28, 2008

Recently I have taken my 2 year old cat to the vet after substaining a hairless gash on his eyebrow from ( I think) my mothers upstairs cat, Monty I thought this was the end of things with him but it turned out to be only the beginning.

Tonight while sleeping with him in bed, I noticed he was, at first I thought to be harmless kneading, the thing some cats do with their paws,( he's one of those cats) well I look closer and he's actually gripping the blanket by my leg, as a male would hold a females neck, surprised I feel underneath and sure enough he has an erection, Is this normal behavior for neutered cat?. I told him to stop in a firm tone but he kept at it again and again. I think he was humping too. This is an animal that has been fixed at 5 mons! I have heard of rare cases where the cat has mutipule testes inside the body, in fact I had met a cat with this problem once. Could this be it, and if so why did it have to wait until 2 years to show itself?. Also this summer I have been rather busy with rearing monarch caterpillars and vacation time so I havn't played with or given him as much attention as before, he has also went from being an indoor outdoor cat ( I only had him on leash and harness) to indoors only. BIndi ( cats name) has a buddy though,a somali male also neutered to intertain him while I was busy, why has this come up?.

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Yes, this is a normal thing. I am no expert but when a male cat I had before and was very attached to me. He did this when I was away for a weekend and when I returned. I took it to be a sort of "Thank you for coming home and I missed you." Maybe he was "making love to you for getting his boo-boo fixed and bringing him home away from the doctor and other scary place." When they get fixed, it sterilizes him but many cats will still mount a female even if they can't do much. If you are worried, call the vet and usually they will let you know if it worrisome.

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I've had male cats my whole life and never had that pleasure! I mean, I've had the kneading part, sometimes wool sucking, but never mounting.

There may be some stimulus in that particular blanket? I would switch blankets. It's not something he's done mpre than once?

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My 2 year old neutered male also does this. He will get carried away while kneading my stomach (he likes how smooshy it is!) and move down to my leg and mount.

It grosses me out and I will immediately push him off me.

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That would gross me out too. Henry is a kneader and gets a faraway stare and kneads and kneads and purrs real loud and a bead of sweat forms on the tip of his nose. He does settle down to just purring later. But Louie, my dear orange boy who just died, in his younger years would grab a female cat..anyone would suffice and hump away with the female looking confused.

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My four year old neutered male, Buddy, still does this. I assumed this behavior would cease once he was neutered, but it did not...he just smells better when he's doing it now. Buddy will stand on my leg and make biscuits (knead) on my belly and will actually clamp down on my thigh with his back legs and bite me if I try to push him off. I'm sure it's not your blanket...lol. I've just learned to live with it as another weird behavior from one of my cats. At least he does it a lot less frequently now.

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My cat Smoke (who was recently put to sleep) started humping stuffed animals about 6 years ago when I had a child and stuffed animals appeared in my house. He would also get busy with our couch blanket. Sometimes during the night he would throw himself at my DD's door, trying to get to his beloved stuffies. Whenever we used to leave the house we would come home to a few stuffed animals (mostly dogs, lol) face down on the carpet. It made me laugh, and he usually liked to do it in private, at night, or when no one was at home.

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At least smoke was using discretion. ;-)

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I had a neutered male cat who would exhibit this behavior with wool socks. Clean or dirty, didn't matter, it was a "wool" thing. It was harmless behavior, in my eyes.

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I caught my dear departed Norton licking himself a couple times.

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Trouble is, I have mild autism as such I will be going into a group home setting a few years down the road. Will they tolerate such behavior?, I'm hoping they don't mind his claws let alone this.

Any way I can help stop this before it gets too firmly established, He only does it to me in bed, he hasn't humped other cats and toys, but them again being 21 I have no "toys"?

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I did an error. I put the ? out of place it was supposed to be after ... Before it gets to firmly estlibished? But I'm sure you guys can see that.

Anyway is there anything that can help?

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Yikes. I am laughing and cringing. My 15 year old male kitty started acting weird when sitting on my lap last winter and now he can't even have his paws on me before his pupils dilate and he starts kind of yelping at me and getting in my face. I push him down if he gets to humpy and he immediately begins licking himself. Always has an erection. It's disturbing. Don't know if he'll bite me or something. I'd love to let him sit with me but this is just gross.

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LOL I never knew what I was missing, never having had a male cat. Do they start singing raunchy songs like "Chef" from South Park?

I think it's a mistake to encourage (by not firmly stopping them) such behaviour. Best thing I've found for dogs for any sort of misbehaviour (and ought to work even better for a cat) is a water pistol. Forget water bottles, get a small super soaker. My dog loves water, yet she will cringe, cease and desist when she sees the super soaker. I am sure it'd work better for a cat, and is harmless.

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I am new to this forum as have been desperately looking about for answers...
I have just re-homed a gorgeous 7 year old Bengal boy. We have had him 1 1/2 weeks. He has settled very well and never had a claw out to our other cat or us.
However. A couple of days ago, whilst on the arm of the setee, on my throw, he started needing with his front feet, then his back feel then started to hump. I was just horrified. I couldnt believe my eyes. I have grown up with cats, girls and boys, and never ever seen this. He just went on for ages and was calling as he did it. The thing is, he tried it on my leg last night so I told him off and he went into another room and carried on. He must have been at it for about an hour then started to lick himself. I could clearly see that he had an erection. This morning he has been at it three times already! He looks as though he is castrated as he has nothing there and he is very non agressive. Should I scold him for it or will that make any difference as its clearly a huge urge for him? where on earth do I go from here - other than the vets? help please!!! this is so grossing me out!!!

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When was he neutered?

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Maybe it's his way of soothing himself in a new environment? I have no idea!

I have 3 male cats and two of them do this on occasion with blankets. Usually they just knead it and go to sleep but a few times I've caught them getting friendly with the blanket. I usually just pet them and they sort of "wake up" from their daze and start bugging me for food, lol. They've never done anything to me - only the blanket has been violated!

I don't know why people get upset or grossed out. Seems pretty normal to me. If humans weren't socialized we'd probably be doing the same thing!

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Hi, he was done when he was 2. He is now 7. In every other way he is an amazing cat. He has never been nasty to the other cat and does not spray at all. He is the model cat but is at it in the mornings (6.30am usually) - wakes me up with his calling as he is at it, and again in the evenings....
I have contacted the previous owner and she says 'forgot to tell you about that....sorry' - so its not like he has just started doing it. Thanks for your help guys :~)

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This is the second brown tabby I've had the same issue with. He was just neutered at six months old and after a week of healing time immediately began the "humping behavior" or as I call it "raping" both of my spayed females. The larger younger 4yearold just rolls over and squashes him, but the smaller (only 3 pounds) 14 year old, is very upset and is very chewed up and now won't eat. He seems to just lie in wait for her constantly. She is always screaming and growling and fighting for what seems like her life. I've called the vet, to no avail. Someone said to try bitter apple on the older female's neck, which I'm going to try next. I hope it works. Distracting him hasn't worked yet. Hopeless in South Dakota :(

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