teaching assistance dogs to read

ilmbgJune 15, 2009

I was surfing the other nite- I got on an assistance dog site, and was so surprised to watch a video where they were teaching PUPPIES to read! I know adult dogs can be taught to read commands, but this was about a 3 month old yellow lab. He read 'sit', 'lie down'. Pretty smart I think, when I am still teaching housebreaking at this age usually!

Anybody know of any other sites/places where I can see more about this? I couldn't Google anything else.


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ADI, a 501 C3 non-profit corporation, is dedicated to advancing the relationship between people and dogs. Through our college programs and research we enable individuals and organizations worldwide to be more productive in pursuing dog-related careers and to be more effective in "helping dogs help people".

Since our founding in 1991, hundreds of people from 16 countries and 34 states have attended our college programs and we have graduated over a hundred service and social/therapy teams. Our groundbreaking research in teaching dogs to read, early pup training, and High Schooled -Assistance Dogs demonstrates new ways to optimize humanÂs interactions with dogs, These findings are shared worldwide.

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I saw an article about this in the Whole Dog Journal, it explained how to train it:

The founder of that assistance dog org. also has a book out called "Teach Your Dog to Read".

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chicago- I looked online for a used book but could not find one for less than $25
If I can find a better price I will buy it- it will be interesting to read!

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