upstairs laundry room faucet leaking

nccmamaJanuary 22, 2009

Last week, our city replaced the water meters for every house on our street and warned us that the water would be turned off for 20 minutes or so. It was laundry day, but luckily my load had just finished, so I waited to start a new load until they were done. I knew that there would be air in the lines, so I ran water in the bath tub before I started a load. I guess I should have also removed the supply line from my front loader washing machine before starting the next load and run the faucet there, too, but I didn't do this, and there was air in these lines as well. I have the flood safe supply lines, so they would not work until I removed and reconnected the hoses. I did this, and ran a new load.

When I returned to the laundry room, the floor was wet. It looks like both faucets are now leaking water, not too much, but enough to drip out of the little cubby in the wall where the supply lines are (upstairs laundry room). There is no spray of water, more like a sweaty drip from the faucets. I notice that the metal of the faucets are greenish colored, like maybe this had been going on for a while. Or, do you think that this could have been caused by damage from the water being turned off and the initial pressure from the restart? The lines themselves don't seem to be leaking, just the faucets.

Any advice as to how to fix it? If it's a simple fix, I'd rather save myself a call to the plumber.


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The leak can be coming from a couple of locations, the hoses may not be tight enough where they attach to the faucet or the shut off valve stem seal has loosened. One solution is to tighten the hose connection to the shut off valves. If the valves are old then there is a good chance that the leak happened when you shut the water off. One solution is to have the shut off valves replaced by a plumber or handyman (if he's good). The seals in the present valves can also be replaced, by a plumber or handyman. If you have the type of shutoff valve that you turn until the water is shut off then there is a nut under the handle that you can try to tighten, that may reseat the stem seal and stop the leak.

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on the valve in the washer machine box, there are 3 places it could leak
the hose connection
the point where the valve connects to the pipe
the packing nut, below the handle
if hose connection, remove and inspect the washer
for cuts and deformity..fix and reinstall, do not over tighten, or risk cutting washer
the packing nut below the handle, tighten nut
the connectionpoint....oh a problem here
if threaded, turn off water to house,bleed pressure
take off and redope, then put back on
if a plumber

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