Ok at a loss . Dog with Infection in eye

mountain_ladyJune 28, 2012

I wrote about my cat a few mins ago. and as my 15 yrs old Pekapoo was sitten at my feet I Decided to look up all the meds he has been on for the last 30 days.

June 5th about that, my ole man had some icky eyes. I wiped them out and started looking at him and he didnt look right. Few days later we where at the vet. He had scratches on his eyes . they gave me the meds to treat him home we came. after 7 days of treatment and all the meds where gone. I thought he was better. 4 days later he wakes up in the morning and his eye (right one ) Is matted closed . after 20 mins of warm water and a few paper towels I get his eye cleaned up. I make one more appt with his vet. We go in and This time its an Eye infection. They give us more meds, a "C" Collar and home we come. We Treat for one week, back to the vet for recheck. Nope the Eye has Not Healed at all. It has Only gotten worse. Vet takes him off the meds He was on and gives him something else. And tell me I have to watch him Close because this stuff can make him stop Eating. And He might sleep a lot more. So we are on day 2 of this NEW stuff. I dont see anything New with his Eye. still looks the same to me. Here are the new Drugs that he is on. Does anyone Know anything about these . NFU puffer

and prednisone 5mg.

Take in mind he has been on other Eye drops too plus pain meds.

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Honestly, I don't think the vet is treating the eye correctly. Is your dog continuing to rub his face and eye a lot? Has your vet tested him for glaucoma? Did he say the dog has an ulcerated cornea?
At this point I'd take my dog to a vet Ophthalmologist.

Sorry, never heard of NFU puffer.

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me neither... ditto on the ophtho specialist. Eyes are not things I like to mess around with much... too much can go wrong fast.

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That is where the C collar comes in . when he had the scratchs he was rubbing his Eyes all the time . And When I would put the meds in he would roll on the floor and try to get it out. The only thing she as told me is Now his eye has a ulcer on it . They have stained his eye 4 times . We are going in every 2 days for her to look at them. We dont have a big chose of vets here. There is One in 100 miles so we stay with the one we have been seening . We should know more today when we go back in. I hope he dont lose his Eye or sight.

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Oh my. I agree with other posters-eyes are tricky.
I would look for a doggie Opthalmologist.

Pekes are prone to eye problems. The fact that he's 15 he may have vision problems without you knowing it. Dogs are very good at manuevering themselves with limited vision.

One of my Shih Tzus (she's deceased) had eye problems, after her retina detached (at 12. She lived to be 18). She was allergic to many of the meds administered to her eyes. This is why sometimes the dog's eye looks worse after applying meds, or it's the wrong antibiotic for the particular bacteria that settles in the eyes. At one point we realized that the lubricant (Lanolin) in the eye meds made her eyes worse. I had to get meds from Canada. It was a real struggle. At 15 yo her eye was removed, as it became angry after 3 years after the retinal detachment. She did great with one eye, and no more pain.

I am not familiar with NFU puffer. Is that an inhaler? Is there small print or writing in parenthesis that says the ingredients in the NFU puffer? If your dog has an ulcer sometimes vets sew the eye up to give it a rest.

I just hope that your dog was not given a steroid INTO the eye while the eye was developing an ulcer....HUGE problem.

How did he cut up his eye? Rubbing it? WHY was he rubbing it? Glaucoma, retinal detachment, allergies, ulcer forming...lots of possibilities. I hope he's ok. Let us know what happens.

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At this point we don't know what is going on. I just know I hate to see my little man in pain. I know he still can see because he still shirts around the cat when the cat is sleeping. I will know more here soon. As I'm posting this from my cell phone as we wait for his vets office to reopen after lunch.

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We saw the Vet this afternoon. From what she can tell is that the Ulcer is getting smaller and the Infection looks to be going away. We are to stay on the Meds that we are on till monday afternoon when He has to go back to see her again. We are hoping at that point that his Eye is clear. Because today is the 1st day in little over 3 weeks that he didnt keep his eye Close when he was outside , or in the pickup. I have my fingers crossed that he will be well soon.

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My vet practise is a partnership. So, you may get two approaches to the same problem, according to which vet you happen to pull when you need services. I'm OK with that, because if a pet has a condition not clearing up as it should you'll likely see the other vet the next visit and it's like getting a second opinion.

Here's where I'm going with this. When a dog ages, they are prone to certain conditions a vet can miss and they'll end up treating a secondary conditions without addressing the cause. My last dog had repeated eye infections and one vet was rx-ing a similar protocol. The eye would clear up, only to get infected again. I finally saw the other partner who diagnosed the cause in less than thirty seconds. He says "your dog has dry eye". He was put on a regimen of artificial tears on a schedule and there were not more infections.

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I believe that is supposed to be "NFZ Puffer" which contains nitrofurazone for dogs & cats eye infections--you can buy NFZ Puffer at Tractor Supply OTC--probably cheaper than what a vet charges. Another good product for eye infections is Terramycin--OTC at Tractor Supply as well. Also look at Vetricyn Eye Rinse--very good product at Tractor Supply.

Hope your pet is doing fine now.

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We are at 2 months into treatment . both ears are clear, and looking alot better.

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