crazy cat 2

mountain_ladyJune 28, 2012

(As I Write this take in mind this is over a few days that he has been doing this. )

I have to ask my self does the cat go insane the Min my husband leaves for work? Yep he does. I was laying on the sofa this afternoon and Well I fell asleep. Most have Needed it. When I roll over And look at the Tv I see a little Gray mouse running at me. With a SCREAM, I call for the cat to get it. The Cat comes over and looks down at the mouse and then at me LIke what Mom? I Already played with that one . The Mouse was still alive and Just stayed where it was for It was close to 3 hours. Cat took a Nap and The mouse stayed in the same place. It didnt move other then it moved it's head a few times. Ok cat isnt going to kill it. Or the cat has and it is just waiting for it to Die.

I get my paper towel to remove the mouse and WAIT its Still Moving . EKKKKK No rethink this one . So I get the Broom and Dust pan and Sweep the little thing up and haul it outside. I pitch it out the door Yep its still Alive. Might not be for long it has some Nice Holes in its back.

some time laster I decide morning comes to fast in our house I am going to bed. I know that I am sound asleep. I think I was Dreaming. In my Dream It sounds like the house is falling down around me. I wake up and No it wasnt a Dream. I had placed a fan in the window before I went to bed . It is No longer in the window but the Cat is. bad Kitten. So Now I am awake. I am laying in bed and the cat is rolling around the floor talking to me the whole time. When I say SHHHHHH He gets up Runs Down the Stairs and stands in the Kitchen and SCREAMING. When I call him He is back looking at me like Good Morning Mom time to get up. O' Joys of bangals .

My cat has Me trained I swear. So I get up Check is Food and water bowels. Both Full. back to bed. cat sits at bottom of stairs Screaming. Call cat. Here he comes Jumping up on the bed. Lays Down and gos to sleep.

After thinking about it for some time I come to the inside. The only time the cat keeps me up all Night is when my Husband is away for work. Does He miss His "dad" ? I think so.

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Are you sure this cat is a male?..

He sounds like he's in heat!

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lol No he is 100% male kitten. We have come to the understanding that he is My husbands cat. and he drives me crazy when my husband isnt home. If the cat could travel he would live in the Semi with my husband . Just my thoughts anyways.

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Yep, he's definitely a cat. Aren't they fun?

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yep, today drinking my coffee and he got up on my chest and put his Nose in my hair and just had to sleep on me for a power nap. Ok I had to move him. his making bread on my arm was hurting me .

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Cats travel well. My sister had a cat in a semi for a number of years. Bengals may actually enjoy the travel.

Think about it.....and post pictures because we like to see them!!!

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My bengal Dont like to travel . He hates the thought of it He screams and screams till you have a headache. last time he had to have his shots done . 54 miles in 54 miles back. He wasnt happy and He told me all about it for 4 hours . then for the next 2 days all he did was scream . this is not a great photo of him . does not show his size.

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But it sounds like he loves you, too. I'm sure he wouldn't take a power nap with his nose in just anyone's hair.

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Oh, he looks like a big guy to me - my arms would fall asleep trying to hold him for a long time - lol!

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oh he is a big man. but yes i love him.....

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