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mountain_ladyJune 9, 2012

I have a 7 yr old male Bangel. He makes me laugh most of the time. But I really would like to send him flyin tonight. Its after 1 am . I was in bed normal time tonight. Other then about 40 mins ago, I heard my cat in the cupboard . Sounded like he was playing in my glass bake wear. I was some what awake when Here he Comes. He jumps up on the bed like he is going to lay down. To him stand on my chest to the next thing I know he has Dropped a dead mouse on me. Let me tell you what I nice gift to have at midnight. I wanted to scream like the girl that I am . But didnt want to wake my husband . I removed his gift , to come down the stairs to find one more in the door way of the kitchen and livingroom. "good Kitten" .

I wash my hands and I watch my crazy cat. He runs up and down the stairs like a mad man. meowing the whole time. sits down by my feet looking at me with his Big yellow eyes. then out comes this Meow I have Never heard come from my cat. It sounded almost like a bark with a meow in it.

We know the mice are coming in. that is what happens when you live out in the middle of Nowhere. But I thought he would eat them. Nope Not Him. He leaves them. I ask myself does he do this so we know that he is killing them? Or is it more of a game for him? The Hunt .....

O well that is my little story of a crazy cat and a girl getting the joys of staying up all night .

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OMG that's hilarious!!! well, not so much that you didn't get any sleep but your vivid description was just too funny!!

and yes, they are gifts to you. next time your cat brings you a little dead, ugly, germ-ridden rodent, you need to kiss him (your cat, NOT the little dead, ugly, germ-ridden rodent) right on the lips and stroke the little dead, ugly, germ-ridden rodent as if it is the BESTEST present you have EVER gotten from anybody EVER EVER EVER to show your cat how much you truly appreciate his efforts to woo you. how lucky you are to be so loved by your kitty. :)

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Too funny! He was sooo excited he just couldn't wait til morning to deliver his present !

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OMG, how funny! That reminds me of the time, many years ago, when our kitty ran into the apartment with his "gift." Unfortunately, however, the predatory instinct is not quite the same as the killer instinct, and the prey (a mouse) was still very much alive! The cat put it down in the bathroom, and the mouse immediately sought cover behind the toilet. It was quite a challenge to coax it to come out. And then, of course, we humans had the job of finishing it off and disposing of it.


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O' I have lots of storys about my cat. I have been a stay at home wife/mom for many yrs . So after the kids left home this last summer. It has been Me and the four legged kids. My Cat "AKU" was bought for my husband as a fathers day gift. But that isnt who he claims. I am his person. I am not a cat person, never have been. I never wanted a cat box in the house, but my husband does not want the cat outside. So I deal with the box. Up to 4 years ago I didnt see much of the cat. he would hang out in the kids bedrooms, Or when my husband came home he would hang out on the back of the sofa. But 3 1/2 yrs ago I fell and broke my Knee. I was in a brace from my butt to my ankle. Aku started hanging around me . and even sitten on the brace, and rub my brace with his needles of toe nails.
After the Twins moved out he started sitten next to me more and hampering everything that I do. from reading to laundry. the best one is when he walks across my computer entering his Own form of Codes . He talks to me and tells me all about it. He tells me when its time for me to go to bed at Night. Normally around 9 pm. He will start to talk and sit on the landing of the stairs and cry till We go to bed. " we call it the Sleepy eyes" . He follows me from the living room to the laudry room . I am not allowed to close the bathroom door without him in there with me. He will sit on the sink and watch me shower or what ever. If I happen to get up off the chair he is right there taking over my spot.

2 weeks ago, I went into town and was gone most of the day. I didnt get home till after dark. When I came in he was screaming like I had left him for a week. After I went to bed he had to sleep on me all NIGHT LONG. let me tell you that was Fun. 23.4 lb cat sleeping on you and not moving holding on to the blankets with his needles of toe nails. but I would never give up my cat. He is loads of fun and makes me laugh most of the time .

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I love to read Bengal stories! I don't see too many here on the pet forum. I have 2 girls but they are itty-bitty compared to yours (mine 8 pounds). Aren't they so much fun? I'm always scared I'm going to get a mouse in the bed and now you've just confirmed that for me - lol! Mine go out into a kennel and once and awhile they bring something in to play with - and they aren't always dead ugh! I've had moles, a chipmunk and a couple of mice. Never in the bed yet - lol! They are known to make barking noises - I've never heard either of mine do that. I wish they would!

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Aw, what a brave little hunter you have. Sounds like he's having fun. I don't really know of cats that eat the mice, but yes, they will kill them and leave them around as presents for you. It's a sign of huge respect for their human companion. Especially if it brought it to you in bed. Your little kitty sure loves you!

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Very funny! You should be honored to receive his gifts. I am sure you do this, but be sure your hunter has his rabies shot and is checked for other diseases frequently. Mice are germy and can transmit bugs that can be bad news for kitties.

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