so proud of my dogs' manners

cindyandmochaJune 14, 2010

So I had company this weekend. We are undertaking a major kitchen remodel and my entire "makeshift kitchen" is crowded into my den.

In the meantime, I had my best friend and her husband come to visit. Her husband remarked today, after being here all weekend how calm and nice and quiet my dogs are.

They are indoor dogs (1/2 acre privacy fenced back yard with a dog door out of the den). He remarked how they mostly slept, or were inside and soooo quiet. They either asked for some petting, or simply took a nap.

I told him that dogs allowed inside are often more well-mannered, because its "not a big deal" to be let into the house. Frankly, mine just sleep all day. He was truly impressed with how quiet and polite they were.

I have to say I was very proud of my "pack" for being on such good behavior.

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You should be proud!

I've had that same sort of conversation with my Mom. She stays at my house occasionally, and loves my dogs. I keep telling her she should find a small dog to adopt, a middle-aged dog, not a puppy. She says she's not home enough .. and I point out that I work full time!

She then comments on how quiet they are, and that they sleep alot. Still haven't convinced her to adopt yet ...

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Years aog I was told a dog would be a good indicator of what kind of people his owner(s)are.

I find that to be true more often than not today. There are exceptions and allowances to be made for folks who mean well but have no clue as to how to handle dogs.

So, bravo!!

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kudos to you! i've had people tell me the same thing although pea can be a bit of a pest when she wants attention. still, she isn't obnoxious.

another thing i have had people tell me is that they can't believe i have giant dogs inside because my house never smells "doggy". i LOVE hearing that! vacuum, bleach, vacuum, bleach, ad nauseum!

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