Oldbat2be reveal - photobucket pix

oldbat2beMarch 29, 2013

I've already posted my reveal in another thread but am including a scaled down version here and linking to the fuller thread, for people who have problems downloading messages with lots of pictures.

I've added my 'Bold Tile, Sunlight Filled' kitchen reveal pictures to a photobucket album for any who might be interested.

Here is link to original reveal (lots of pictures):

Many of you have seen progress pictures along the way and given us so much valuable feedback and advice. With the forum's help, we have an incredibly functional kitchen in which it is great fun to cook and entertain.

Our home was built in the mid 60's and the kitchen used to be on the back side of the house, facing north west (never any sun). Our architect suggested relocating the kitchen to the front of the house, and came up with a very functional new plan, which included moving interior walls and adding a skylight dormer, mud room and pantry. We found a builder to perform the demolition and manage the construction. We built a temporary kitchen in our family room, moved the fridge in there with our camping gas burners on a card table, and started the long process of renovating

Cabinetry quotes for all the new areas (kitchen, island, desk area, bookshelves, pantry, mudroom) ranged from $35,000 to $75,000, uninstalled. Long story short: in order to economize, we went with an online Conestoga reseller (Brian Long/theCabinetJoint), who sold a ready to assemble/RTA cabinet, for around $23,000. This included many custom pieces; 18" deep uppers, custom width upper cabinets, 2 custom depth floor to ceiling bookshelves, and custom drawer widths and heights. While we've been very pleased with the quality and functionality, I wonder what the final effect would have been with different cabinets and/or a different cabinet style. DH and I assembled the cabinets ourselves and our builder's crew hung them. DH installed all the appliances (several, multiple times), built a steel bar support system for the island, and did so very much electrical, plumbing and carpentry work. He is one in a million.

When it came time to pick a backsplash, I found I had too much white and disliked how the upper run of cabinets looked. With a ton of help from the forum, I picked a bold tile which draws the eye away from the cabinets. (Special thanks to Hollysprings for reminding me that I liked a lot of contrast in my inspiration pictures and to onedogedie, for introducing me to kj patterson).

Cabinets: Conestoga RTA Cabinets and Doors, Crystal White, Door CRP-10875, Cordovan stain on island.
Counters: Cambria Torquay
Bar stools: Carrington CourtDirect Mitchell 26" bar stools, with COM and custom stain.

Wall paint: BM Aura Vancouver Day

Tile: kj patterson, Fireclay Debris

Cabinet hardware
Upper Hafele Knob Clear/Polished Chrome - HAF-135-75-420
Lower: RH Bistro Pull

Varaluz, Nevada (table)
LBL lighting monorail, Lava II
Undercabinet: Philips powercore profile LED strips

Kohler Karbon faucet
KWC Sin Faucet
48" Capital Culinarian
Solon Inset Composter
Sharp 24" MW Drawer
Hood: Prestige insert with remote blower
Franke Peak SS Sink
Silestone Silgranit Sink, Biscuit
Hafele Food Pedals
Miele Futura Dimension

Here's a link to a Photobucket 'story' which allows some organization. Just click the pictures below to load.

If that doesn't work (or is too slow), please try the link at the bottom of this thread, to just the pictures on photobucket.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket Pictures

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It looks very nice. Enjoy the end results of your labor!!

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Your kitchen is STUNNING!!!! You must be so happy with the outcome!! It's a dream! I love all of the little touches. It's clear there is a lot of thought, love, and careful planning in the space and I hope it is a blessing to your family!

I also want to thank you for the time and effort you spent taking and posting the pictures. It is VERY helpful and I'm going to bookmark your site for reference.

Oh, and I LOVE the tile and can't imagine your space without it!

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What a gorgeous kitchen, everything looks wonderful and that backsplash is spectacular! I looked and re-looked at every picture & join buildinva in thanking you for posting every one of them..

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Serious rapture! I cannot imagine the efforts (and possibly stress) that went into the changes in your house not just the gorgeous kitchen. Did you catch that? Your kitchen is gorgeous.

Decoupaged outlets, two paper towel holders, great dog, lovely sideboard, backsplash to die for (applause for your bravado in selecting a strong pattern and color) and on and on. Just lovely.

Congratulations on a wonderful new home!

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Debbi Branka

So beautiful Bat! I love the natural light in there! Everything looks so perfect!

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Ok, I have some serious architect envy going on right now! :-). You and your design team have truly transformed your home into this amazing space.

I have been enjoying your kitchen pics along the way, but seeing the transformation of your entire home is just amazing. So beautiful and inviting.

Feel free to post more of your VM recipes from any room in your new home!

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I don't know how I missed this amazing transformation! So beautiful, functional and just plain gutsy! It takes vision to begin such a huge undertaking and my hats off to you and your family for going through it to achieve such a spectacular end! I love your sunny, inviting space with such an eye for detail. I love the star/cross backsplash as much as the lovely bold one. The crystal flower pull just made me smile and I love the big and little version of that too cool faucet! I'm not sure what part of the country you're from, but I love the views out of your big windows. So does your big pooch! Congratulations!

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Wow, what a gorgeous kitchen. That tile is a showstopper!
Great job with everything--thanks for sharing!

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Congratulations and enjoy! Your kitchen is beautiful.

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Beautiful kitchen. I love all the sunshine that you get now. Lots of counter space and the side stainless pieces on either side of the cooktop is a really cool idea. NIce.

Hint: Don't second guess yourself. You made the decisions that you did with the best information at hand at the moment. I still, 3 years later, second guess myself on some of my decisions, one I would definitely have decided differently but the other choice wasn't even on my radar... You will drive yourself nuts - believe me I know. I think of where I was and where I am now and what a world of difference

You have a great kitchen. Enjoy!

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Nice kitchen. You are brave to take that all on. I love the way the backsplash tile reflects off the countertop. The light in that space is fantastic. That is a unique skylight. I've never seen anything like it. Is it new? Great mix of styles in the room, the modern mixes so well with the traditional chair and table. Sweet dog!

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Are the pulls on the white drawers RH 8"?

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Wow, what an amazing transformation! I love the new exterior and kitchen, so pretty. And I love all of your tile choices and lighting.

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Wow! It's just beautiful...I can only imagine all of the thought that went into the end product.

Just gorgeous!

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I love this kitchen.
Old Bat- what a tile..I get mesmerized. But I love the other cool things - the OTF, the island with the cool prep station with the compost pail, the cutting board nook. So many cool things. Your DH sounds like one in a million. Lucky girl:)

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Incredible! I lust after all of that new incredible space! What wonderful decisions you have made.

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Oldbat2be, the tiled niche is and always will be one of my favorite touches of any kitchen seen here. Still cogitating on how to incorporate it someday...

Thanks for the photobucket link.

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Loooove your kitchen! Beautiful and with personality :-)

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The amount of sunlight that shines in is stunning.

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Congratulations! I'm certain you are loving your new spaces. I applaud your expressions of personal style in your choice of tile and knobs. Should a bold choice that stars in the space, without other distractions.

And thanks for showing an example of the CarringtonCourt counter stools! They look great.

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Your tile is definitely the star of the show, and a worthy one at that. A very gutsy move, but oh my gosh, the result is just amazing. Have looked at and admired your kitchen many times, but no matter how many times I look at it, that tile just amazes me. Gorgeous.

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From one Torquay lover to another: it's all beautiful! Enjoy.

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ali80ca - thanks! Lots of labor and we are definitely enjoying.

buildinva - We are very happy with how it turned out, thanks. Glad you like the tile.

ashef - You're most kind, thanks!!

javachik - You hit the nail on the head, there was tons of stress and effort. Thanks so much. It really does feel like a new home! Or, at least the right hand side of the house does. This summer, we start the left hand side :)

deb52899 - Thanks! We love the natural light too.

AnnaA - My brother who is a timber framer introduced me to the idea of working with an architect. Their ability to revisualize a space is really something. Anyone in the Boston North Shore area - huge shout out to Skip Kiley / Hermit Woods Designs. Are you still enjoying your VM? We should start a VM recipe thread.

sanjuangirl - It was a crazy ride but lots of fun along the way and so rewarding to have it turn out as well as it has. Glad you liked the tiles, thanks so much! We're on the North Shore of Boston.

WMA89, stacieann63 - thanks!!

blfenton - Love all the counter space and it's wonderful to take tray after tray out of the oven and just plonk it down on the cooktop and/or surround. I'm definitely second guessing myself but appreciate the reminder that it's normal. Would love to hear on what decisions you second guess yourself. You're so right about the difference between where we were and are now... there's a world of difference.

lannegreene - The skylight was new. We added this (open to the roof) and a dormer window on the left side (open only on the second floor), to make the house more of a Cape. I love my little pup :) thanks!

Whit461 - The pulls are RH Bistro, 5", 7" and 9".

iris714 - Thanks, glad you like the lighting and tile.

rkb21 - It's been such a rewarding process to go through. Challenging and so much fun when you make the right (or a good!) choice.

GWlolo - ah, thanks you! I was really good and didn't plug the OTF too much, for once... I'm so much enjoying the pictures of your kitchen as it comes together. THAT is going to be quite the show place.

SaraKat, Kailuamom, ArlingtonVAremodel - thanks!

ellabee_2016 - you really made me smile. I too love the tiled niche. I had (and can't find it) an inspiration photo of open tiled shelves under a cooktop, which I loved. Another possibility for you perhaps?

AboutToGetDusty - Thanks! Your kitchen turned out beautifully btw, isn't it nice to be (almost/mostly) done?

1pandora - Glad that (the amount of sunlight) came through in the pictures. It's lovely. Not only sunlight but moonlight too.

gooster - Have you seen the stools before? Amazingly comfortable, and 26" tall, which I prefer to 24". Thanks very much!

Kris_ma - In most lights, I love the tile. I'm not crazy about it from a distance, under the 2700K led lights, but close up, I do love it. So, more happy than not! Thanks, glad you liked.

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OldBat - I was chomping at the bit all weekend to look at your pictures - just too small on my phone!
Wow- it is nice to see it all together in one spot! Congratulations!!
I love what you did in the kitchen and with Photobucket. I started doing one on PB but then gave up - Someday!
I also appreciate your help with the Photoshop - I bought the program, now just have to install it.

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Just lovely. Actually looks like a picture in a magazine. That great BS with that chandelier fixture, really fabulous! So functional, too. Great job. Congratulations!

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Oh, OB2B, that is really an engaging, balanced, and inviting space! I love it. Can I come over for coffee?

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Your tile is just breathtaking. This is one of the prettiest and most unique kitchens I have seen in a long time. You must be so happy!

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Your kitchen is beautiful!

A question for you... What wood species is your island? We are looking at conestoga cherry with the cordovan stain and wondering if that is the same as yours. Sample doors are nice, but it is really hard to picture it installed. We are looking at a similar mitered raised panel door too, the prestige.

Thanks for sharing!


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okay, i completely missed this! it's beautiful! the tile is outstanding and it made me smile (no, really) to see the range wall. what a brilliant job ...enjoy it!

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Can I ask - how deep is your bump out window (from wall to the actual window)? I'm currently trying to determine what to go with in my remodel. Thanks!

    Bookmark   April 19, 2013 at 6:29PM
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Can I ask - how deep is your bump out window (from wall to the actual window)? I'm currently trying to determine what to go with in my remodel. Thanks!

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Thanks a2 - You probably saw most of these in the original reveal but there were a few new ones. Any progress with Photoshop? I know you are going to have a lot of fun with it.

Ginny20 - Thanks!! We've been surprised at how well it turned out. The nicer it gets though, the nicer we want it to be. I'm thinking about redoing a few things here and there....

Angie_DIY - wish you would and wish you were closer so I could come see your kitchen in person.

Hi Renee, so glad you like the tile and kitchen. I always smile when I see your name and remember the help you gave me on my hose reel thread. (I really like the ones I ended up getting by the way). How goes your lovely garden?

kristi-stl - I'm so sorry I didn't reply earlier. The Island is Cherry with the cordovan stain. What I'd do differently with the door is to have a flat outer edge (ours is raised). Also, the cordovan is pretty red. In hindsight, I was looking for a more traditional, honey cherry color.

kateskouros - Thanks for the kind words! While it may not look like it, your gorgeous kitchen was one in my inspiration file. Obviously I am not very good at copying elements:) We are very much enjoying the layout and new space.

seosmp - It's 8.75 inches from the wall to the start of the window trim; just about 12 to the actual window glass. The bumpout shelf was an afterthought. I'd wanted one but forgot to specify to our architect. When our builders started framing the window, I remembered. It was a fairly easy adjustment. I question sometimes whether I should have continued the bumpout at countertop height but in our case, the window is visible from the front of the house and I don't think I would have liked seeing objects on the countertop from outside (if that makes sense). I planned originally to have plants on the shelf but it looks a little messy from the outside so usually I leave it clean. I am planning on a Torquay shelf in this space at some point.

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Thanks! I was looking to go around 9-10" deep. Yours looks good so I may do 9". It will be counter height if all goes well! Mine will be left empty as I don't have a green thumb, and don't really have anything to display. But your cake sure looks good - yum!

    Bookmark   April 20, 2013 at 2:52PM
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