Wall colors with black cabinets

diybluemomMarch 14, 2014

So after painting my basement bar cabinets AGAIN a more brown based gray, I have decided I am not a gray cabinet girl - or maybe I'm just not a gray my cabinets girl because it just looks horrible! I'm searched a million times over and feel like bar cabinets are either wood or black and since mine are already painted.. black it is :)

My problem is, my husband thinks the wall color is also bringing down the area. He thinks I should do a bright color on the walls to make it more upbeat. He wants me to do some form of orange since that's his favorite color and "I never use it." I'm just wondering, would orange look good with black cabinets or is there a different color anyone would suggest? I'm still in the process of buying wall and shelf decorations, but a lot of the stuff I like is rustic wood which he thinks is too blah against taupe walls and wants some more color. Opinions? Or any ideas where to get some fun bar decorations?

Sorry the pictures so blurry!

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I like that color you've got now. Orange walls would go better with it than with black, IMO. Black and orange are too Halloween-y.

I do think the wood doors and trim clash with the painted cabinetry and the glass tile. Is painting them a consideration? I'd paint the trim and doors in a mocha, high gloss, to compliment the glass backsplash.

Then maybe the walls in a gold? C2 Karma is a beautiful, very rich gold paint color.

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I would try to find a good blue color in the BM palladian family or an orangish color like BM baked clay. Just buy sample pots so you get an idea if you like it or not. It is going to be difficult since your cabinets and tiling do not meet the ceiling, your millwork is a very textured wood as well as the tile with a lighter color joint line, but try one of those, just try.... and see what you think.

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I love the way it looks now!

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A beautiful blue would go very nicely with black and the mochas in the glass tile. BM Van Courtland blue is beautiful.

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Actually, I like it. If you want brighter, maybe more yellow and some bright accessories, e.g. art, plates, etc. in orange, turquoise, or acid/lime green

or off white and colorful accessories

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Is your dh a Giants fan? Lol. My 10 year old ds thinks black and orange are the perfect combo because he is an SF Giants fan.

I actually like your cabinets as they are.

Whatever you decide to do with them, I would try to honor the orange request in a smaller dose than wall color. Maybe some of the decorative items on the shelves could be switched out for orange. Or maybe the pendant lights. Or some lovely orange flowers in a vase on the counter.

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Thanks! Painting the doors and trim is out of the question, it's open to the living room area so it flows nicely. Do you think I should have painted the crown moulding on the shelves?

My husband is not a giants fan, just super obsessed with orange! I do like the yellow idea, that looks nice with the gray... but I'm still not feeling my gray cabinets. It's feeling so "blah" in real life. I think my biggest problem is I'm normally a wood cabinet person and I went with paint to step out of the box, but I just can't get settled with it.

The picture I attached is where I got the orange wall idea from. Do you think my set up could achieve a look like this?

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I like how it looks now, but if you really hate it I would paint it the darkest chocolate brown in your tile/granite..then a pretty blue/gray would look nice. If you go orange, I would make keep it in the paprika/rust tones. A brighter gold/tan would also look nice.

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Agree w/Joaniepoanie re: Chocolate brown rather than black for the cabinetry. Check BM Midsummer Night - a very rich, very dark, almost black chocolate brown.

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Yes, I would paint the crown moulding of the cabinetry.

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I am a rabid SF Giants fan (Go Giants!!!) and love the Orange & Black...but not on my walls. A gingery rust is a whole other thing. I would not pair blue with black or dark gray, but I prefer warm anyway.

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I think it looks great. Looks like a "lower level" rather than a "basement". If you decidevto paint the cabinets black, check out BM Pashmina. I just painted my dining room that color & my rug is black.

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I probably wouldn't paint the cabinets brown. For whatever reason, I associate brown paint on cabinets as a misguided attempt to suggest brown wood cabinets.
I probably would paint the molding on the cabinets. You could upload the photo on the BM or SW web site and try out different paint colors for the walls and the cabinets.
For now, I'd get some large colorful art work and colorful accessories in orange... I can also see it with rustic wood.

Temporary orange contac paper at the back?

Here is a link that might be useful: Charcoal gray and orange

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I think your DH has a pretty good idea. Leave everything as is and just paint the walls orange (or maybe just one wall). No matter what you do, get the paint on the walls first since that's the easiest fix.

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I think the grey looks great, but if you want black, here's a couple of shots of BM Potter's clay with black in a different context.

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Wow, I like that photo shopped picture Magdalena posted. Go for it. It looks so much better than any of the tans/golds, etc. and would make your DH happy. You want to encourage any kind of interest in decorating.

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You guys are awesome!!! Thank you so much for the ideas! You talked me down from the black cabinet idea, I did a little sample spot and decided I would give in and try the orange wall instead. It looks a lot like the photo shop Magdalena posted (which was really cool by the way, thanks!) and while it's a little bright for me, my hubby LOVES it... So you win some you loose some :). I'm going to sit on it for a week, but I'd like to sample a dark brown on the cabinets to see if it pulls the tile in better (the couch in the living room on the other side is dark brown too) - does anyone have any color suggestions? I'm going to check out the midsummer night by bm that was suggested too. As for the lower level thing, it's a look out basement with south facing windows so we have really good light down there for most of the day,

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I like the grey cabinets and while I generally don't like contrasting crown, in your case, it ties in with your doors and trim, the counters and the splash tile. I think it helps cap the tile where you didn't take it to the ceiling. I think your tile might look unfinished if you paint the crown.

I am not an orange person and didn't think I'd like it -- was thinking more of a cream, white or soft blue on the walls, but I like that picture above.

I think the best advise is to put color on your walls first. I think you may find that fixing your wall color will be all you need. Painting brown on cabinets can look like you are trying to make bad cabinets look like wood, but my greater concern is that brown sofa, brown trim, brown granite, brown floors and brown in the tile -- really, you have enough brown.

Just had a thought -- another one outside my usual list. Glazing the cabinets. Or a wax -- something to bring a richer finish to that grey rather than changing the color. It looks like they might seem a bit flat. Is it chalk paint?

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Ahem, we would like to see picture.

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It's not chalk paint, it's just very flat, plain looking! Glazing is a good idea, maybe I'll try that out before I sand it all down and redo it. I'll have to live with it for a little while as I'm due any day now and won't have time to tackle the cabinets anymore! I'll post a picture of the updated look soon, I scored some bar stools for a good deal I want to put together and get the couple things I have hung up and then see what you all think about the color. It could also use a little liquor on the shelves too!

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Found a great color I think would look gorgeous: BM Warmed Cognac

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When you want to give it a try, I'd suggest playing with some scrap lumber or a test piece of some kind -- preferably something that will let you see how the glaze or wax would settle into grooves, corners. etc. You can play with that while the baby sleeps -- when the baby sleeps, and tackle the cabinets when you are up to it.

That Warmed Congac is a pretty, rich color but you need to look at it with your tile, counter and wood trim. It might not look as striking when not set off by the contrasting white trim.

Don't worry about it. Go have a baby and both of you be well. That's your priority now, and you may find you see things differently after the baby is born and spring has sprung. Anything you still love will wait for you.

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