Layout Help! Clean Up Sink in Island?

soonermagicmamaMarch 4, 2014

We are planning a kitchen renovation (among other rooms) in a 1920's era home that soon will be new to us (only the 3rd owner in its history).

I've included a layout that our kitchen designer came up with, after going through 9 other plans that didn't quite work.I welcome commentary on the layout. Note: The opening b/w dining and kitchen will not be as wide as shown on this plan. We're going to frame the opening around the island so that it's not much bigger than the island. I do not want it completely open, as drawn.

Specific issue now grappling with: Sat down yesterday with the contractor to discuss plans and he wants to line up the island sink with the range and make it the clean up sink. That would be consistent with this inspiration photo I'm using: My husband (who rarely participates in clean-up) loves this idea. Contractor wants to make the run of cabinetry under the window clean of any appliances and all drawers. Contractor thinks to make a real "triangle", the island sink needs to be the clean up sink. He'd rather not even have a sink under the window, which hurts my head to even consider.

I specifically asked KD to put small island sink in corner, as a prep sink, so that I (1) would have an expanse of counter to do the meal prep on the island and (2) wanted a landing spot for pots coming off the range, since we're thinking of flanking the range similar to this inspiration photo:
So, what's this forum's thoughts on clean up sinks in the island? And, on clean up sink in the island on the below plan?

My initial reaction is that I'd rather have my dishes piled up in a large sink under the window, so not visible from the dining room when we're hosting a dinner party. Can't imagine having the prep dishes, pots/pans, etc piled up on the island.

Your thoughts and feedback on other aspects of the attached plan are also greatly appreciated and welcome.

Our current kitchen is here: You can see I'm used to an expansive island!

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Sophie Wheeler

A contractor is there to carry out the plan of the KD not offer wonky design advice based on what he'd do. The design you've worked up will allow multiple people to use the kitchen well, except with the DW to the right of the sink. His plan wouldn't. He's stuck in 1950's single person inthe kitchen type planning. Do NOT listen to him, for design issues. If he has a structural concern, listen, but with a grain of salt as to his ulterior motive. Or, he just might not be the contractor that you need to be using for the project.

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Hollysprings, thanks for the feeback. Tell me more, please, about why DW to right of sink is a preferred placement.

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I agree with Hollysprings 100% including swapping the DW and recycling locations (which looks like it will also help center the sink under the window). I would think about moving the prep sink down a tad on the island so that you having a landing space for produce and other items coming out the refrigerator. Is that a 3rd sink to the left of the refrigerator? What are you planning to use that for?

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Flanking your range the way you want looks nice but think about the handles on pans. I too would move the prep sink up a little so there is drop off area, then sink, then prep area. If it is sink near the refrig, do you need it with the other 2 sinks?

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I hear you guys! 3 sinks in a kitchen space? So, the sink next to the fridge is there because that's an exterior door right at the end of that run that leads right out to the play area. I have 2 little boys and wanted a spot for them to be able to come in and easily grab a drink and return to play ... without trapsing into the kitchen ... and when they are coming in after finished playing, they can wash up again before trapsing all the way into the kitchen. I was going to put filtered water at this sink next to fridge, as the fridge won't have a water dispenser. I agree that this is a sink that probably could go, but those little boys (and in time their friends) are messy!

Visually, too, I like the idea of lining up the island sink to the range and having a bit of room on either side ... particularly with things out of the fridge needing a landing spot.

I'm not set on having the cabinets that flank the range come all the way down to the counter. That's still in consideration ... and the point above about pot handles is well taken. I hadn't thought about that!

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Any additional thoughts on my layout please?
It was suggested above to move DW to the right of sink - why?
Third sink by fridge was questioned above - does my reason make sense, or am I wasting this space?

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Putting the DW to the right allows the door to be opened even while you are in the cooking zone without it getting in your way. I am guessing that your KD put it where he/she did due to the tight aisle in front of the sink. But that area to the left of the clean-up sink is also a valuable secondary prep zone - which would be nice without the DW there. The switch would also put your trash and recycling closer to your prep zone - where it tends to get a lot of use.

I would want the DW to the right, personally but it is a trade off because of the tight aisle. Your snug aisles all around are my biggest concern. Can the wall adjacent to the fridge be shortened an inch or 2? That whole area, especially in front of the pantry seems particularly tight.

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Where are you planning on putting away the dishes that come out of the dishwasher? With the dishwasher on the left, you can't access the cabinets in the corner when it's opened. You also can't leave it opened while you're cooking. I have a 42" aisle between dishwasher and island, and it is not tight at all. There's plenty of room for someone to walk past while the dishwasher is open. The plates and bowls go in a drawer in the island, directly across from the dishwasher, and they can both be open at the same time, so unloading is easy.

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