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cindyandmochaJune 26, 2010

So this month I've been traveling a lot. Airlines publish magazines each month about themselves. This month (June, 2010), Southwest's Magazine on the plane was all about dogs.

Specfically, they talked about rescue dogs. Lots of great articles. If you can pick up a copy from someone who is traveling, do so.

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I saw that issue when we went to Oakland last weekend. Very nice.

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I found it online!

Here is a link to the article about the rescue dog, and look for the next article, 167 Ways To Love Your Dog:

Here is a link that might be useful: Article about rescue dog

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OMG............. i have flown back and forth to oakland for the last 3 weeks and next week too. I know the article you are speaking of.

Usually (and i travel a lot) i ignore the articles........... but that one got to me. A fellow traveler (i JUST flew back home last night from Oakland), and I were talking about it.

We each said how that was the first time an airline article ever put a tear in our eyes.

It was a great read. Our service men deserve more than they get. And that dog totally changed that guy's life.

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By the way.. that entire magazine's focus is on dog's for the June issue. If someone can get you a copy, ask them to.

Southwest encourages people to take the magazine off the flight and keep it. It is chock full (in that issue) about dogs.

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Yes, I hope you checked the online link I put in my first post -- the list on the left side connects to the other articles in the issue.

I'll put another link below.

I live near an airport, so maybe I can get a paper copy too.

Here is a link that might be useful: another article - 167 Ways To Love Your Dog

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