Puppyhood questions

msmarionJune 26, 2010

We just adopted a 9mo ? puppy. He came out of a Miami kill shelter and has been bounced around quite a bit. He's crate trained and quite gentle and laid back.

He's only been with us since Wed. evening. As of yet he's not responding to being called by his name. I know it will come.

I've never raised a puppy. We've only rescued adult dogs before this one. I've been to obedience training with our Pitbull when she was 2. I assume training a puppy is the same but I'm not sure when is a good time to start training him and what should I start with?



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I recently raised a guide dog puppy for Southeastern Guide Dogs in Florida. In addition to the guide dog manual the school gave me to follow, my group leader suggested a wonderful book. It is called The Loved Dog by Tamar Geller. It is a great book for a first time puppy owner, and for anyone who wants to work with, or learn more about their dog! I highly recommend it.
Congrats on your new family member :)

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Before any sort of training, you have to bond with him and have him trust you. He has been bounced around and is very vulnerable right now. He wants to trust you but he has been stung before and that is what he knows. Give him some time before you start training/disciplining him. Right now, he just needs lots of love.

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I have to ask, you are sure he can hear? He responds to whistles, or clapping? Through all the bouncing his name may have been changed several times. When I got mine at the shelter his name was Larry. Larry? It took me at least a week to name him Bogie (Bo). I called him all kinds of names, he was probably very confused.

He'll come around. Congratulations on the new dude. What does he look like?

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Start training him immediately. Having a pack leader provides a puppy a feeling of security, which is exactly what he needs right now. IMHO most dogs want to be told what to do and unless they are quite young (under 3 months), training is the best thing you can do to help form the dog/owner bond.

To teach him his name, try this method. Take a handful of small tasty treats, like pieces of cooked chicken, and go to a room in the house with few distractions (no TV, other pets or humans, etc.). Say his name in a strong, but calm voice and when he looks at you, give him a treat. Repeat this until you have finished the treats. If you do this exercise 2 or 3 times a day, he should start responding to his name in no time.

Remember that his name should only be associated with positive things. Never yell a dog's name at him when he has made a mistake.

I hope this helps!

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9 months is plenty old enough - it's a teenaged dog, not a puppy any more.

Start with the basic leash training, heeling when walking, sit, and stay.

Use the name a lot ... precede every command with the name, every praise should include the name. And the bribe method Cindy described works really well.

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