dinner and a celebrity...

whgilleDecember 1, 2012

I had dinner last night at this place in Disney

Inside they had a huge fish tank, this is part of it

Food was delicious! Started with a well made salad with raspberry vinaigrette field greens, radicchio and goat cheese

For the entree I picked corvina that is one of my favorite fish, with a cheesy polenta, tomato sauce, shrimp and andouille sausage.

For dessert berries and a meringue tart

After that we went to the Candlelight Processional and can you guess who the speaker was? she is wearing black clothes.

Sorry about the bad quality of the picture but we were seating far away.


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looks like Whoopie...

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I'm with Chase.

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It sounds like a fun and delicious evening. I bet Whoopie was a great speaker.


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I love Whoppi Goldberg and the food looks delicious!

Thanks for sharing your evening out with us.


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I made it too easy this time,lol. Yes the speaker was Whoppi and I was so pleasantly surprised when she read, she has a beautiful and strong voice that did so well with the passages about the true meaning of Christmas, while everyone was very solemn singing the choir, sometimes she moved to the upbeat music and at the end she made a few jokes. I was glad about the dinner and Whoppi, she is a delightful celebrity!


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Nice. I really like Whoppi.
Great looking dinner too.


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I don't think Ms. Goldberg would mind but I do believe I mispelled her first name wrong. It's Whoopi - not Whoppi!

Either way I think she is one of the greatest entertainers of our time.


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Ann - Thank you. When I was going through the Canada post, Santa was talking and saying that they export a big quantity of the trees for Christmas and the maple syrup...

Teresa - I am not guilty, lol. I just followed the lead but I have to admit that I was confused about the spelling.
And I agree with you, she is one of the greatest entertainers of our time. Her down to earth personality, wit and humor comes across. I really like her reading a lot, made me enjoy the presentation better than if there was other speaker.


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Love that predictive text - If I heard her deliver that speech, I would have been in tears - she is great!
You were so fortunate to have an opportunity to hear her live!

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Some time ago, I was in a light fixture store on upper Westside NYC. Someone behind me mumbled, "What the Fxxk is a halo gen light?" I turned around, it was her. I explained to her what a halogen, not "halo gen" light was, and she thanked me.

That was a beautiful salad. I am not sure if I ever had corvina fish. Is it an oily fish?

What a delightful food day. Thanks for sharing.


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A2gemini - There was a very long line waiting for Whoopi to be the speaker, I was very impressed with the beautiful performance and the choir.

Dcarch - That must been a surprise for you to meet her! When I lived there sometimes I saw a famous person walking or in the restaurants, sometimes I recognized them and sometimes I didn't. One time I was in the restaurant can't remember the exact name it was something Ducks Decanter and saw a face and couldn't figured it out till I saw the news that night and it was one of the news people.:)

Corvina is one of the fish that I grew up with, father liked it and I did too, after that living here I never saw it again till one time that I was in the West Coast and had the same fish, it is my favorite but I am very bad at descriptions, I find it mild flavored not oily, very flaky and light, something a little bit like trout another favorite. This is the first time that I had it in Florida, so when I heard that it was the day's special I knew that I had to order. It came with a gouda polenta that was too rich for my taste, I only ate a little bit, it was tasty but too filling.
The surprise was in the Champagne meringue tart, the crust was only in the outside, inside the meringue I was happy to find just fruits.
One of the things that I liked about the salad was the goat cheese that had a coating a little bit crunchy and sweet almost like a deep fried, I wish that I can make that.


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Yes that fried goat cheese salad is definately one of my favorites! They serve it at one of the local inns but we can't afford to go there much anymore. My good friend plays there often with his jazz combos. That whole meal and evening sounds just WONDERFUL. You were so lucky to have the chance to experience it, thanks for sharing!

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