Stanley Steamer ad on TV?

sammy zone 7 TulsaJune 25, 2007

Have you seen the Stanley Steamer ad on TV? It is the one where the child says, "Hey Mom, wanna see Toby's new trick?"

Stop reading if you want to see it first.

Mom turned to see Toby scooting along their beige carpet. Yuck!!! Mom shouts Toby!! in an appropriately hysterical voice, then we see the carpet being cleaned.

I just love that ad. I can really identify with a dog scooting once or twice, but this one scooting quite awhile.


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Since I don't watch t.v., I seem to be one of the few on the planet who hasn't seen it. I have had numerous people tell me about it.

I also can relate to the situation (as well as other times that deal with dog residue), although, it has been a while since one of my three dogs has done it. I have them groomed on a regular basis and taking care of this is part of the process.


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Oh darn I *heard* this commercial the other day but wasn't watching it. I was busy doing something at the time in the kitchen.

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It cracks me up everytime.

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Hmmm..........I may be the only one that hates the ad. The woman's scream drives me up the wall!

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It is kind of gross.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I don't mean to gross you out, and you may not choose to read further if that bothers you.

I love it because that is one of the biggest problems we have with our dogs. We do the grooming, but . . . . .the expressing is for making excuses. I think it is a man's job, but I must help hold the dog.

When I see a dog scoot (on tile, I might add), I call my husband and tell him. He will respond that he never sees it. When the dog does it in front of us, he still refuses to see it. It is our joke, of course.

Our dogs have never gone as far as the dog in the ad, but I can even then hear my husband say that he doesn't see it.

I love the woman's scream since it is on carpet, and something would have to be done. And to think that this is a trick that the boy taught him . . . . . .


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I'd like to know how they got the dog to do that on cue! That footage is simply priceless!!!!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Here's the YouTube video of that commercial, for those who haven't seen it. Anyone who might be 'grossed out' need not click. Others can be prepared to laugh.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

It gave just a little more than what I had seen on TV. I love it! I agree that I cannot imagine teaching that to a dog on cue.

Around here we have had just about the wettest summer ever. There is no way to plug up the holes in the yard, and the dogs - especially the puppy, Blaze, are often muddy and filthy. I accept it, but do try to get up the gate to the kitchen so they are just in the recreation room until they are dry.

I can so much identify with this commercial.It is like having the kitchen clean, have 2 golden retrievers dripping with mud from digging and wrestling in it, they enter, shake, and the kitchen is suddenly filthy. The mud flies onto the counters, window ledges, table and chairs. It means so much work since any pail fills up fast with dirty water. The floor is black, and so are the blond dogs.

We first must wash the dogs' feet, lock them inside, and must walk out with them to watch them do their business, and see that they don't get muddy again.

The clean up is awful. That is what I think of when I see the dog. What a clean up!

Maybe you need to 75-89 pound dogs with very long hair to identify with this. Have you ever tried to keep a dog from shaking? If you run to get the gate to keep them out of the kitchen, you run the risk of exciting them, and THEY JUMP ON YOU!

Aren't dogs exciting!!


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For those who don't know, some dogs are prone to their anal glands getting impacted (with very smelly poo) and they need to be "expressed" by hand. Our poodle used to "scoot" frequently, and my mom yelled in exactly the same way the woman on the ad does. Cracks me up!

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That's the funniest commercial I've ever seen in my life. I thought I was going to fall off the couch laughing!

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Very effective commercial. Every dog owner can relate to that. Dogs (and cats!) do some gross things to floors.

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This TV spot sucks.

The dog dragging his butt across the carpet TV spot for Stanley Steemer is tasteless and has a sales prevention mechanism built right into it. Coupled with morning (breakfast) run times guarantees that I'll never use Steemer services. If the target audience was 12, then it hit the mark. It's a shame...they can't afford it.

The ad biz sure has gone to hell in recent years and this is a great example. The creative team that put this together and the marketing group at Steemer that approved it are children who really like bathroom humor. The ad itself falls short of delivering any kind of message at all. The mumbling women, the Howdy Doody kid and the over focus on the dog totally wrecks and brand equity that they had as a credible, trustworthy company. What has been accomplished with this ad, Steemer will be tied to the dogs butt for years to come. Now there's something to be proud of. That's a company I want to work for. Steemer should have little scooting dog patches stitched up and placed on every employees shirt. Nice.

What's happening now despite the content of the ad is that Steemer and the ads are being discussed over and over again. So the old saying that any press is good press justifies "shock value", "humor" or "advertainment" advertising methods like this. So how low will the bar go you ask? Watch and see. Eventually someone will produce something worse than this and call it marketing or advertising.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

So, you don't think it is funny? That is a shame. Often when we discuss our animals, we discuss those fine qualities that they have that show their lack of refinement. On every animal forum are discussions of anal sacs, dogs rolling in mud, getting sopping wet, and doing all kinds of things.

Taking care of our animals is as natural as anything else we do. A company who advertises that it can take care of this mishap is one that I wouldn't hesitate to call.

Frankly Stanley Steemer sells rakes to use to pick up dog hairs before you run the cleaner. They appeal to dog owners who actually have to do the dirty work of taking care of their dogs.

Welcome to the Garden Web. I see that you are new, but give no information about yourself. You are more than welcome to join in, and share our discussions. You do not have to like all of us or like much of what we say to be a part of our discussions.

Since I was the original poster, I do think your reaction is a little over the top. The child is a child, and he is cute. The women are also just women. Because you have your opinions, you don't have to criticize them. They didn't do anything wrong.

When I think of all that is on TV anymore, I find it odd that this is something that would hit a nerve with you, and provoke such a response.


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I have to say that adman's description is exactly how I view the ad and I don't think his/her post was abrasive to least not to me.

I'm just disappointed that SS had to use that type of humor as a sales gimmick and I also found it an insult to women. Am I going to call a carpet cleaner just because my dog did this?? No, I'll spot clean, have the dog's glands checked and then get on with my life.

This is an interesting thread since it is a good example of how we all view 'humor' differently.

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You totally miss the point of my response/perspective. The child, women and dog are actors and were paid very well to perform in this production. There is a script and every shot was staged. This is not a slice of life, this is an advertising tactic and marketing message. Adults crafted this TV spot and the concept is juvenile and tasteless.

I have 2 dogs. I've been in the advertising industry over 25 years. I don't dislike anyone on this board or thread. I'm simply expressing my opinion about this TV commercial.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Unfortunately, bathroom humor sells.

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The first time I saw the ad all I could say was EEWWWWW! LOL I find the new ads for the Dairy Queen Waffle bowl sundaes much more offensive!

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I found the ad hilarious. (Disclosure: I am owned by two Golden Retrievers).

Thanks to the poster who posted the link to youtube as I don't watch much TV.

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