Ivermectin .05% oral solution ....for dogs/cats

ceasar_gibbsJune 19, 2013

Was wondering if anyone else has used the .05% ivermectin solution sold by jr enterprises online ... I have used it for a few years now as i find it easier to dose than the 1% cattle ivomec that has the ivermectin...

I love the fact that he has already diluted it and made it easier to dose....

It has enough in the bottle to dose 5 , 35 pound dogs 12 months a yr for 2 yrs . Its like $25 free shipping too...

As i stated i was just wondering if anyone else is using it and what their experiences may be...

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i just recently gave my dogs their first dose of the 1% solution as heartworm preventative. i am, however, getting SO many different opinions as to dosage. very confusing!

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Yeah i used to use the injectible stuff when i was a teen on my dalmations ...i actually injected it tho .... It is hard to figure out the dosage thats why i like the stuff i found thats .05 % cuz its easier to dose....

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People do use it like that but I would not feel safe...I thought ivermectin was toxic to cats! It is used for heartworm prevention and treatment and is used for demodex mange and probably other worms too.

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Ivermectin is marketed and used both topically and orally in cats, just as it is in dogs.

I don't know anything about dosing ivermectin for oral use in cats, but the link below offers information about oral dosing of Ivomec for dogs:

Here is a link that might be useful: Ivomec for dogs

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This stuff comes with dosages for cats and dogs ... Also cats do get heartworms too so it is used for heartworm prevention in cats as well as dogs ... I do not give this to my cats but i could....

People do use it like what ? As an injection ? Yes thats the original intent of ivomec ... My dad knows how to get the dose right and i always did it under his supervision .... We only did it for our larger animals .....bought the stuff from the vet for the little dogs ..... Now i use the .05 % orally for my dogs ...have for years and my dogs are fine ....

Once again im not using ivomec 1% solution im using a .05% ivermectin solution so dosage is easier to figure even for smaller dogs and cats....i would never give my pet something i thought was unsafe

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I would like to add dogs of the herding breeds can be allergic to ivermectin at doses higher than preventative levels ... My large dog is a german shepherd and doesn't have any problems with ivermectin at the preventative monthly dose....

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ceasar gibbs, it isn't an allergy to ivermectin, It's a genetic anomaly in some herding dogs caused by the MDR1 mutation gene. This gene can lead to potentially lethal reactions to a number of drugs, including ivermectin. The most commonly affected breeds are Collie, Australian Shepherd, English Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Old English Sheepdogs, Long-haired Whippet, McNab, and Silken Windhound - both purebreds and mixes. Owners of these breeds should consider having them tested (an oral swab is taken at home and mailed to the lab) for the presence of the MDR1 gene so that potentially problematic drugs can be avoided.


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Yes you are right i stated it wrong either way the result is the same i just wanted not to neglect that part of the drug ... My german shepherd is fine with the ivermectin at the preventitive level ...

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spedigrees z4VT

Herding dogs with the MDR1 mutation are sensitive to various related medicines including ivermectin, mibemycin, and imodium.

Monthly canine heartworm preventatives do not contain enough ivermectin (or other related compounds) to harm a dog with the mutation gene. These medications are equally safe for any dog, with or without the gene.

However treating with ivermectin at a high enough dose to kill worms or treat mange can kill a collie or related breed, with the gene.

Also imodium, at a dose sufficient to treat diarrhea, can also be deadly for a dog with the MDR1 gene.

The information about this can be found here:
and here:

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