Seizing dog.....anyone help?

lindacJune 12, 2009

Toy poodle 10 years old weighs 8 pounds....started seizures a year ago....was well controlled on phenbarb.

Last night she spit out the phenobarb and I didn't know it....but did give it to her this AM....bus hse seized about noon.....and again 5 minutes later.....and then again....after number 3 I gave her another 1/4 of a 15 mg tablet.....still seizing off and onn....when now seizing walking in circles, very agitated....called the vet....he gave me 2 MG pills of Valium and 2 ampules containing 1 cc....which he said 5 MG....I gave her one about 4 because she still couldn't settle down and was seizing off and on....

She got unsteady and relaxes a bit but you could tell she was still having problems.....but it got better.

All seemed good for about 2 hours.....then she started again...called the vet asking hopw oftena nd how much Valium I could give her.....the last she had was about 4 PM so at 10:30 I gave her another 2 MG......and 7 mg of phenobarb.

She is still pacing the floor in cicrles.....any ideas what I can do?

Linda C

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I have never had a dog with seizures, so cannot offer any advice unfortunately. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and hoping she stabilizes soon. I'm sure you are frightened and tired and worried.


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When our older dog started to have seizures, the post-seizure panic attacks were worse than the actual grand-mal seizures.

Will he eat or drink?... sometimes after a seizure their blood sugar will drop, they will feel starved and scared... some food and water - a tasty treat, helps a bit, if they will eat.

Can you take him for a walk? It can help get rid of some that excess nervous energy.

I feel for you, the pacing is horrible.

Your dog is nervous and scared. Similar to when a person has a seizure, they loose all memory for awhile and it slowly has to come back.

Keep talking to him, calmly tell him who you are and where he is and that he just fell down and things are going to be a bit confusing for awhile, but it will be okay.

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Thanks for the good words.....yes she has been eating and drinking....we had an awful night.....she is at the vet being anesthestized hoping that will break the cycle.....
After a seizures he just runs in circles and pants and mostly all day and well into the night couldn't get rid of the panic.
I hope the "re-set" works.....
Linda C

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Linda, I hope Chabby is feeling better very soon. Poor baby :(

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So sorry to hear this. I hope the vet can get her problem under control soon.

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If you haven't had his thyroid checked, please do so right away.

I wish you the best.

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