i hate it when people do this -

toomuchglassJune 10, 2011

It bothers me to no end . People buy animals as a "gift" for someone else. Like people that buy a cute little bunny to give someone at Easter -- or a puppy to give a kid for Christmas. I see or hear of it wayyy too often. That's how I got my pet dog ,Anna - the neighbor husband surprised his wife with it for her birthday & she really didn't want it. I'm glad I was there to take her - she lived the good life with me for 17 & a half years ! Now my new neighbor approached me with her offer. Her sister's dog had a litter and she gave one to their family . THey never wanted it , but took it for the time being . They're going to get rid of it. AAAARRRGGGHH !!!

I want to scream every time I hear stories like that.

** I went to a psychiatrist to get anti-depressants - his whole life revolved his rescued Shitzu's . I Loved the sign on his wall -----

" The more I learn about people -- the more I love my dogs "

**Ain't that the truth ..."

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We really need to encourage the local humane societies and the ASPCA and everyone else involved in rescue and really start educationg the public.
My local humane society now refuses to adopt pets at Christmas time or around Easter etc. On the odd chance they do, they have really stepped up the education on adoption being for life.
PS - 4000 IUs of Vitamin D everyday might help with your depression - an understandable condition for anyone dealing with the aftermath of backwards thinking people.

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Our shelter did that for awhile........to stop the impulse buys of living 'gifts'. Back when I was selling eggs it wasn't unusual to get calls about two months after Easter with folks wanting to off-load half grown chickens. They were once the cute little fluffy chicks for their kids to play with. Well.......they grow up don't cha know.

They were always cockerells too because they are the left-over birds at hatcheries since they don't lay eggs. I can only take so many roosters in because you only need one for every twenty hens and if you have too many they fight.

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spedigrees z4VT

Our shelter has never allowed the adoption of pets intended to be gifts as far as I know. Most rescues won't either, and many places will not adopt out a pet around xmas-time. The practice of giving living animals as gifts is not common here, probably as a result.

I empathize with your frustration, toomuchglass, and thank you for giving such a great home to Anna. It must be tough to have all this going on around you, ie disregard/disrespect for the lives of pet animals to where they are just whims of the moment for so many.

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Our shelter won't do gift animals either. However, we do gift certificates so the intended recipient can choose a pet that works for them at a time that works for them. If they choose to not adopt a pet, then they are listed by name in our donor recognition as having donated the adoption amount. If someone thought they were enough of an animal lover to want a pet, they are usually pleased by that commendation. It's been extremely rare that we've actually refunded anyone, but we did give the money back to the guy who wanted a "mean pit" (only after giving him an educational spiel and some literature)

The thing that gets to me is all of the puppies on Craigslist who are listed as having "rehoming" fees of several hundred dollars but don't have any vet records and haven't even received their first puppy shots. Or the pics of them being held by the scruffs of their necs for the photo. Or pictures of the same woman in the background of about a dozens of different mixed breed combo small dogs. (What the heck is a Shi-poo-apso?)Or the lady with th free box of kittens advertising she'll be at the local Wal-Mart until they are gone.

Some days, the idiots are just too much.

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Many years ago when I was raising boxers I would never let a dog go just before Xmas a a present. They would get a letter to give to the new owner that a puppy was being held for them and they could come after the Xmas rush to pick it up. If the buyer did not like that there would be no puppy.

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