Dog moisturizing conditioner

squirrelspurJune 1, 2011

My smooth collie's fur is getting dry & I want a good moisturizing conditioner. What has worked for your dog?

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Is it the fur getting dry or the skin?? If it is fur, you need to add some oils or eggs to your dogs diet if it is the skin that is a different tact to take

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I give one of my dogs a fish oil EPA capsule daily and put salmon oil on his food. (Orijen Red) He's also on a low maintenance dose of herbs - Dang Gui Yin Zi - which he originally started for itching. Over the past year his fur has gone from sandpaper/brillo to smooth. He was a skinny rescue and in bad shape when we got him, but his coat never really improved until our holistic vet put him on the extra EPA caps and the herbs.

He doesn't get a bath too often, but the conditioner we use is by True Blue with aloe and avocado. It smells great!

Treating the dog from the inside as well as the outside might be your best bet. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: True Blue Pets

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His fur is the main issue. We have been giving him a T of olive poured over his food. I'll try switching to fish oil & add eggs and check out the True Blue conditioner & herbs. Thanks for the suggestions....he's very vain but of course he is a collie!

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hehe, good luck, you might also try Buddy Wash and Buddy rinse, they are gentle, have lavender and mint in them and make your dog smell lovely on top of cleaning and conditioning their coat. With a collie you should be using conditioner with each bath and not bath more than once a month. Please repost and let us know how things are going.

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What are you feeding currently? Just switching to a high quality food can make a big difference in coat and skin health. No amount of supplements will resolve the issue if the diet isn't high quality. If you add Omega 3s, be sure to select a brand which includes vitamin E or supplement with E an Omega 3 can deplete E.

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spedigrees z4VT

I use a variety of conditioning shampoos on my dogs, but sometimes I just mix conditioner in with plain shampoo to make my own blend. I don't really notice a difference from one brand of shampoo to another.

When collies are about to shed their coat, their hair gets dried out looking, but the new coat comes in lustrous and healthy-looking.

Low thyroid can cause dry brittle hair too. I just mention this because hypothyroidism runs in the collie breed and I've had two collies that needed replacement thyroid hormone.

Hope your collie is looking spiffy and rehydrated after his bath. Good luck!

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