we just had a wild game of 'find the bones'

kim_oklaJune 19, 2010

I put the dogs in the bedroom and tell them to hide their eyes.

I hide little milk bones around the house. Open the door and say, "Find the bones".

They go wild. They find the bones and I squeal with glee. LOL they're never convinced it's over and continue to look.

Don't tell me I'm the only one that does stuff like this. You should try it.

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I used to make one of my dogs find kibbles in the grass. He was a shepherd and was really good at it. My shih Tzus prefer to have them served on a silver platter. ":You want us to do WHAT?!!"

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Guilty as charged!

We had the traditional Easter Bone hunt every year too :)

DH use to play a game with our lab/rottie where she would watch him as he walked around the yard. As he walked he would discreetly drop treats- say 5 over the course of walking the yard. When he was done she would follow his trail to find the treats. It was funny watching her take the same route, right down to circling a tree if that's what he did. They use to play that game during a very difficult period in our lives, so it's an especially happy memory.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who does such silly things with a dog.

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You are not alone...I used to do the same thing with my rottie
and she loved it, they get really good at it LOL

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I used to do something similar with my dog from childhood. I would make him stay in the kitchen and then I would hide his toy fire hydrant some place in the living room and then call him in and tell him he was getting "hotter" or "cooler". It was hilarious to see him look to me to tell him how he was doing. Dogs are fun!!!

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I always save small boxes - that I get in the mail, etc.
Then put treats in the box & close it up.
Now, we have a toy that rattles & smells good.
By the time she's done, I have shredded cardboard all over the floor - but it's such fun to watch her.
Then I always get the look.....THAT's ALL??

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