what kind of cat litter do you use?

gibby2015June 25, 2011

I used to use the basic clay cat litter. When my old CRF cat (who pee'd a lot) died, I tried the scoopable litter and have been using that for awhile first for 2 and now 3 other cats. I'm not so sure I like the scoopable stuff. I like that you can easily clean everything out of the box which I like to do at least once a day if not more often and I also like that it pretty much results in an odor free litter box (actually three litter boxes). However I don't like that they track it around more and recently I've noticed my oldest cat is getting it stuck in his paws which I really don't like. I also don't like that the stuff is like cement when you are trying to wash out the litter boxes. I've been very careful not to let this stuff go down the drain but I recently ended up with a major drain clog and I wonder if it wasn't in part caused by washing these litter boxes.

What would be the next best alternative that has the benefits of scoopable without the disadvantages - especially sticking in the paws.

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I use the crystals. It's awesome, because it dries up the poos, and soaks up the urine. I use it in conjunction with a Litter Locker, and it makes scooping so easy.

I've never noticed the crystals getting stuck in my cat's paws, but he does track it out of the box a bit, and they do hurt to step on in bare feet -- so you have to be good about sweeping.

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Tidy Cat for multiples.

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We tried a bag of the corn based Arm and Hammer for the kittens, because they peed on their feet a lot as they figured it out, and eating that much clay could not have been good for them.

The smell is offensive. Not the poop smell- the perfume. It nearly knocked me over when I opened a bag, and I'm not particularly scent-sensitive. On top of that, it doesn't absorb odors well at all. But it does not clump to their paws, although it does track a lot.

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We prefer unscented clumping litter. I got a plastic bucket from the pet supply store -- we bring it back for refills, which is chearper.

They sell plastic bag litter box liners that stop the clumping litter from sticking to the box itself.

You can get other filter sheets that you stack up in the box and pour the fresh litter on top.

When it gets clumpy, you gently lift a sheet up. It holds onto the stool and clumps while letting the clean litter filter back into the box through little strainer holes. I'm learning to use these.

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Everclean ES Unscented. We've tried a couple others over the years, but went right back to the Everclean. For us, it was the only one that eliminated all odors and very quickly.

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Yesterday's News. It is made of recycled paper, soaks up the urine and is actual easy to scoop. I just became the proud grandma of 5 baby kittens from a stray who chose me, and I knew I needed something for the kittens. The more I use it (the kittens aren't trained yet (they are a week old) but Amy (mama kitty) loves it.

When all my sandy, dusty litter is gone (I have 3 other cats besids the Mama and kittens) I will try it on them too.

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Have only been a cat person for a little over 2 years. When I decided to adopt from animal shelter, my sister was my "go-to" person, since she had experience with cats. Her first piece of advice, knowing I'm "frugal", was DON'T go cheap on litter nd pick something that clumps. I THINK the first litter I bought was Tidy Cat?? No problems. Sis also recommended a 2nd litter box for little kitten that might be far from 1st on when an urge hit?!? Picked up another litter box at Family Dollar or Dollar General (can't remember which) and a big jug of Cat's Pride litter. It was something like $4 for a 10 lb container. Works great. When I went to get more, discovered the SAME amount of litter, in BAG, is about $2.50. Made NO sense to pay $1.50 for the jug that was just going to recycling.

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Everclean as well. I've never had cat litter that works so well. It's a little more expensive but I never, ever have to dump the whole box which is really nice. I have 3 cats in a 1000 square foot apartment and everyone who comes over notes that it doesn't smell like cat at all. This stuff is awesome. Highly recommended. The only thing I don't like about it is hauling the 25 pound box upstairs, haha.

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We have a clumping clay box and a swheat scoop box. My old CRF girl has the stinkiest urine and while otherwise I can't say I like swheat scoop, it does completely control the strong urine odor. It doesn't clump worth beans, doesn't cover poo smell, tracks terribly, and is expensive, but it does keep the urine odor under control. Up until discovering that, I couldn't find anything that could control the urine odor for more than 2 days, even Everclean.

The swheat scoop box is out in the room and the clay box is in a confined area. They are more likely to pee in the swheat scoop box because it is easy, and poop and the clay box because they seem to like a little more privacy. Was using tidy cats clumping for the clay box, before that was using the cheap brand from Petsmart, and now I've recently switched over to arm and hammer. I just can't find a clay I like anymore...

When my old CRF girl passes away we will probably go back to the store brand clay and see how it works for our boy kitty.

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Everclean ES here too! It really is the best at eliminating odors. It does create a lot of fine dust, however.

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Stove pellets, made from reasonably near-by pine trees. It works as well as the Feline Pine in their sifting litterbox and coast 1/3 as much.

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I use Tidy Cat instant action. It does track and sometimes it gets stuck in my kitty's paws but it's reasonably priced and the stickiness issue doesn't happen often enough for me to be too worried about him ingesting it.

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Is Everclean ES a clumping or non-clumping litter? What about tracking and sticking in the paws - maybe it's non-clumping so that's not an issue.

Someone I know was telling me about something that sounds like it might have been the system with the crystals.

I think I'll try a couple of these options and see if they like them. That of course is step one - the cats liking it regardless of what I think.

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Everclean clumps really well. I've never noticed it stuck on my cat's paws. I use the Booda litter boxes so tracking is minimal but it's really the consistency of most clumping litter. It just contains odors much better and it lasts a lot longer. As mentioned, there's a good amount of dust when you first pour some in but I just keep the cats away from it while it settles so no one is actively inhaling it.

I wish I could find a natural litter that works but I haven't been able to. I don't like the idea of them breathing in the dust but the natural stuff just can't control the odor for my 3 cats.

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My cat uses SwheatScoop. It works great but you must put a lot in the box so it is 4 inches deep at least. Then it clumps well and controls the odor. It does track some but all of the fine-particle litters do.

My cat likes to dig in the box and the clay litter made both of us cough. Clay is also terrible for the earth - it is obtained by strip mining which tears up large areas of land.

I tried the corn litter but the smell was too much.

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I use Everclean also. I've also used World's Best and really liked it, but it didn't hide the poop smell like Everclean does.
As for sticking to the feet, I haven't noticed my cat chewing/cleaning her paws since I switched to Everclean.

For tracking, I keep a 3x5' rug in front of the litter box so it catches any litter that may stick to her feet as she exits.

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Maybe I will try the Everclean if there's a chance it doesn't stick in the paws. The tracking around the litter box isn't so bad - it's when it sticks in the paws and ends up miles away from the litter box. Not to mention how uncomfortable that must be wedged into the paw.

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My cats don't get it stuck in/on their paws, though I will sometimes find some grains of litter here or there.

We use the ES which clumps harder than the original versions--supposed to be better for multiple-cat households. Can't, or shouldn't be flushed down the toilet.

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Thanks cat mom - I think I will try it.

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Stove/wood pellets. Depending on the time of year, they are called pet bedding or stove pellets, but they're the same thing. The pellet size is similar to Yesterdays News or Feline Pine. Natural, no clay, no dust, MUCH cheaper than commercial cat litter -- about $4 for 40 lbs. When they go on sale, I buy 10 bags and I'm set for awhile. I buy mine at Menards. None of my 5 very different cats have a problem with them.

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Betseyhac & lazygardens, that is exactly like Feline Pine! I met a woman in the pet store who does cat rescue who told me the same thing, but I kind of "wanted to see" before buying such a big bag from the farm & feed store. Didn't know what to look for enough to google it.

I tried the clumping FP but it stuck in the kittens paws. Litter box is upstairs on carpeting, and when I saw litter on the stereo downstairs, I went back to the pellets. Thanks for the info. Sandy

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