leaky tub faucet

vera11January 10, 2014

both hot and cold have a drip on my bathtub faucet..is this just a washer replacement , or a bigger deal..how much can i expect to pay for washer replacement?

live in a condo so i do not have water turnoff for bathtub.

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In some communities there are specific notification procedures prior to a planned water service interruption, which is a courtesy to others served in your building.

Another thing to plan for.

Call a couple of local plumbers, or ask your assoc. member for a local repair plumber's number. Describe what you have, 1, 2, 3 handle as well as the building.

It's likely to be $100+ parts and labor.

Someone familiar with the community will know the make of the faucet, which can save a shopping trip.

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