alternatives to sump pump???

mikesjJanuary 24, 2010

For various reasons, installing a sump pump in the basement of my 80+ year old farmhouse is not practical. I have a small, shallow pit in my floor with inlet pipes, but no outlet which overflows when we get wet conditions. When it overflows, we wind up with standing water on our basement floor (our basement has 6 foot ceilings and is not and will not be used for anything other than storage). I put an "automatic utility pump" in the pit and ran a garden hose from it to our floor drain. So far, this seems to be ok. I'm not thrilled with the "automatic" part of the pump- it doesn't sense water very well, but when it does pump, it easily empties the pit. I'm ok with this set up, but I'd like to find a better utility pump. Any suggestions or other alternatives I should consider?



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What is the problem with a sump pump?

Discharging sump pits into the sewage system is not allowed in most places, since it adds to the sewage treatment plant load.

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Installation would be very challenging- it would need to go under my basement stairs in a pretty tight spot. Also, I believe that there's rock under my basement slab.

The floor drain does not flow into a public sewer system or into my septic system.


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I have what could be a similar problem in my garage.
I had to core into the ledge to get the foundation in which lead to water seeping and a difficult way of coring another hole to put a sump pump in.

I do have a utility pump placed in a cut down drywall bucket (could only get so deep) and set it up on a timer.
What I learned was I only needed it to run for less than a minute to get the garden hose running and it siphons the balance.

Don't know if you have a lower point in your yard near by to do the same.

Works for me, hopefully can work for you.

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