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jirpelMarch 29, 2013

I am looking for some guidance on lighting for a small kitchen (10x10). I have a post over in the lighting forum but it has been kind of quite over there.

For the kitchen I am proposing to use 4 recessed lights. Right now I am thinking of using 5â LEDs with a small pendent light above the sink. Under cabinets lighting will be LED Tape Lights. The ceiling height is 8â and there will be 3.5â crown around.

Also, Suggestions of the size of the light fixtures. I was showing 5â but are there advantages to going with 4â or 6â lights.

Attached is my proposed layout any guidance would be appreciated.

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Salmon Falls Cabinetry

I think slightly off center of the ref and sink is going to look odd. Your electrician will help you with placement and give his honest opinion. I think the one by the ref should be centered. Not so much the one by the sink. You definitely do NOT want that centered overhead.

The one by the lazy Susan will cast shadows unless you have the under cabinet lighting on ALL the time, which deep down we all know that is not going to happen.

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okay - Looked at something a little different using 6 - 4" lights. Tried to flank either side of the sink with lights to reduce shadow and move the light by the lazy susan closer to the counter to be more overhead.

On the other side tried to keep the lights symetric to the Ref. and kept an additional light my the pantry area as that might be a dark area without.

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Did you do the lumens calculation? The Lighting guys tell us 35 lumens/sq ft. In my 8 x 15 galley, I have 8 overhead lights - 6 recessed and 2 pendants, plus some UCL and the lights in the hood. Check the lumens on the lights you're considering. You probably do want more like 6 instead of 4. Also, don't be surprised if some of the positions need to be tweaked a little due to joists - not a big deal, it won't matter in the end.

I used the 6" Eco-smart recessed LED's made by Cree for Home Depot. There has been discussion of light size being in/out of style. I like the spread I get on the bigger lights. But as long as you have the amount of light you need, I think it's probably just personal preference how big they are.

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Salmon Falls Cabinetry

I like that much better, but that is a personal taste and opinion. I think you will find that you are going to go with 6" can lights when you find out that 4" can lights and the bulbs ....and the trim kits can be 2-3 times more than standard 6" can lights. If you want, and can pay for them, by all means.

Ginny is spot on, the floor joists will dictate the final resting spot. You may get lucky.

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We are remodeling our kitchen and in need of some advice for a recessed light that I need to squeeze between some relocated ductwork and plumbing. The location is above the dishwasher in the image below.

The space I have to work with is only about 5â deep and 4â wide. Prefer to use LED. My thought is what ever size light I use at this location I would carry the same around the counter space and possible use a large diameter recessed light along opposite refrigerator and pantry wall.

Some things I have been looking at are Juno mini recessed lights (however not sure if enough light will be provided)

Juno Mini LED Downlight

or or possibly getting a remodeler Frame that maybe can be installed inline between the ductwork and the joist. Something like Lytecaster 3-3/4âÂÂ

Lytecaster Remodeler Frame-In Kit

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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Will the Lytecaster still be shallow enough? It looks like it has the advantage of allowing the box to be situated away from the can, but the can still looks kind of deep-- will it fit in your space?

I ran into a problem with ducting being where I wanted --really, needed-- to place 2 of the cans. We were able to put in standard junction boxes and use the LED disc lights instead (mine are Sylvania from Lowes, 3000k; Home Depot also carries them from Cree, 2700k; and they are available on line as well). So I did have to switch all the lights to the discs so that they all matched.

Here is a link that might be useful: sylvania disc LED

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My kitchen is 10x13 and I will have 8 LED 4'' + 1 LED 4'' above the sink + 2 small pendants ( island ) + under cabinet lighting and one fixture above the table.

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