Gas Leak

jimmyrmclJanuary 12, 2007

I've posted several times on this and other forums about a mysterious gas leak I have. I have a gas stove top and an electric stove. It backs up to a closet and in the closet, there is a hole so that one can access the connections. Ever since we moved in, when it is cold, we on occasion smell a faint gas smell in that closet and in a cabinet next to the stove/stove top where the main gas line connects to the range. I recently had the old line replaced with a flexible connector. Still had the smell. Today, I had a company come out and look at the range itself. The guy sent out said it wasn't possible for the range itself to leak because it is a sealed unit. What's that? And is blowing smoke? I asked him to get down and see if he could smeel gas under the cabinet and he smelled it faintly and said whomever installed the flexible connector didn't use a sealant on the connector. I had the plumber out who installed it a couple days ago and he did the soap test and it revealed no leaks. What could be my problem. If it is sealant, is this something I can do myself without undoing the connection? Is there a puddy of some sort that I can smear over the conenction at the main line and at the connection into the range?

Also, if you know of any good plumbers in the Dallas area, I would appreciate it. I haven't found one I can trust yet and have dealt with 5 or 6.

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You could have a leak anywhere in the run of gas piping that you have a fitting, or an elbow, or where the pipes are connected. The problem is, I assume, that part of the run is likely concealed in the walls. You may have to cut out some sheetrock and do a soap bubble test on other connections. Once you find the leak, it should be properly fixed. I am not aware of any product that you can put on the exterior of a leaking joint that will either work, or be safe in the long run.

As for the stove leaking, it's probably unlikely, but still possible. One way to rule out the stove is to turn off the gas at the meter, undo the connecting hose, cap off the line with a fitting and plumber's dope, then turn the gas back on and bubble test the cap. Then, wait several hours, even a day, for any smell to dissipate. If you're still getting an odor, and you capped the line off properly, you'll know it's not the stove. If you don't get an odor, then you'll want to have the stove looked at. Good luck.

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Try calling the gas company. Many will have technicians that can come out with a gas sniffer that is much more sensitive at finding leaks than using a soap test.

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as for a plumber try finding someone that advertises as a master plumber.

There is no external repair solution for a leaking gas line that is safe for long term use IMO.

I would guess it was on recently disturbed piping, so near the stove.

One idea might be to make a small hole in the sheetrock and let the tech put the sniffer inside the wall, if it registers anything chances are your leak is somewhere in the wall.

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