All Clad 2 quart sauch pan, stainless steel - can someone measure

marys1000December 30, 2011

What measurements I can find on websites are conflicting.

The picture of the All-Clad stainless steel 2 quart saucepan makes it look tall and narrow. Too much so or my liking.

If someone has one, can they measure theirs for me?

Thank you,


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I don't own one....but it is taller than other 2 quart sauce pans, because All Clad keeps the height the same while it changes the diameter of a pan.
The ones I found on line all say they are 4 1/8 inches tall by 6 inches in diameter.

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6" seems too narrow. My smaller Le Creuset sauce pan is 6" inside diameter, a touch over 3.5" high and I don't use it much.
Poop. I want a stainless 2 qt (non shallow) pan that isn't from China. All-Class is about the only non-China choice.
Guess I might as well just go with T-Fal, but I hate that.

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