How to make dogs stay away

heidihoMay 6, 2011

My daughter just moved into a mobile home and next door neighbor have rotweilers and many other dogs in and around their home ,some running loose.

The rotweilers sit on her steps and block her door when she's trying to get into her home and are mean looking.

She's talked to the owners of these pets and they keep saying they will do something about it but of course nothing is done

The landlord doesn't seem to care one way or the other; and calling the police and animal control has just resulted into making a hostile environment and has not stopped them from letting their dogs run loose when the authorties leave.

There is a leash law in this area but evidently it's not enforced.

The home is reasonably priced and other from these uncontrolled pets is a very nice and quiet neighborhood.

My question Is;

Is there a spray or horn/whistle that would drive these dogs away while she is getting in and out of her car or just sitting in the yard.

Thanks for your help and have a very nice weekend.

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First have your daughter document all of the contact she has had with the neighbors, the manager and the animal control officers, times dates, who she spoke with and what was said especially their response. She need to be specific adding as much detail as possible, then she needs to take a good week and photograph the dogs on her property, if you can get someone to video tape her attempting to shoo the dogs off the property, even better, especially if they dont respond. Then she can go to the sporting good store and get and air horn and or some pepper spray. First before using the spray or the horn....She should advise the manager - not the neighbors, of what she has done to try and resolve the problem and what she will do if the problem persists THIS SHOULD BE DONE IN WRITING if she can put up a gate to keep the dogs out, it would be better than to use a horn or spray the dogs. The fault is not with the dogs it is with the owners and the mangement - apparently they are comfortable with the situation and will do little to change it because there is no recourse.
MIND THIS MAY GET GNARLY - the owners might react hostilly to having their dogs sprayed, so use the horn first. With the spray they might even take the dogs to the vet and try to slap a vet bill on your daughter. Putting up a gate would be the best way since it is not interacting with the dogs. She should also try to spray the area with keep away dog spray or put out some bottles of opened bleach - put the bleach in a bucket so it does not over turn. Putting out bleach bottles is the cheapest least invasive way to hopefully resolve the issue, bleach is inexpensive and retains its nasty smell for quiet awhile. But whatever she does she needs to document everything going on. It sounds like this might be the tip of a titanic type of iceberg. Good luck

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Your daughter is renting, right? Since the landlord doesn't seem to care I don't see much hope of the situation improving any time soon.
If it were my daughter I'd be advising her to start looking for another place. Are these really neighbors she wants to continue dealing with on a long-term basis and if she's able to get the dogs off her front step is she going to have to deal with barking dogs in the near future?

Rottweilers are mean looking in general, but all the ones I've known are big babies. If your daughter isn't comfortable being around dogs then she doesn't need to start using strong sprays or horns around them.

If she wants to stay in that location, then I'd suggest she ask the owner to come over and show/explain the commands she needs to use in order to get the dogs to move out of her way. But, since you said it has already become a hostile environment, you may have to toss that idea out the window.

Were the dogs around when she initially looked at the place?

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spedigrees z4VT

It sounds like the best solution is to fence in her own yard and mobile home. Probably not the least expensive remedy, but the most certain to restore her peace of mind. Steel posts and 5' page wire should do the job.

Fighting the apathy of the dogs' owner and the police, to say nothing of the trouble of documenting every incident, hiring an attorney, etc etc will only cause stress and rack up huge bills.

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Actually, it seems obvious the dogs mean her no harm, since you did not say anything about the dogs actually hurting her.

If she were to carry some small treats and occasionally give them one, she would have wonderful protection from thieves.

She could do all the things recommended and try to stop the problem. Or, she could use the dogs as a theft deterrant.

Now, if they leave unwanted gifts in her yard, usually bagging those up and leaving the bag on the owners porch gets attention. Not in front of the door---just prominently in sight.

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I'd try treats first, & a spray bottle with *water* next.

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Thanks so much for the advice. Will try them all out until a solution is found.The dogs were not visible when viewing the property.

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Pleas DO NOT TRY AND FEED THESE DOGS TREATS...This is a great way to get bit. Plus you dont know if the dogs are on a special diet. Using opened bleach bottles is the cheapest and probably most effective way to keep the dogs off the property, they can be placed at the property line and on any patio, a gate is the next best solution since it provides a physical barrier. I also dont suggest squirting a dog with water, some dogs ike to get water splashed on them, they may get excited and bump into or knock over someone....not a great idea.
As much as I love dogs I completely respect other peoples interactions with dogs, if someone does not like dogs or is afraid of them, that needs to be respected. I think in this case, the daughter has every right to have her property dog free.

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You can always try what I did for my neighbors dog that he let run loose. I got some plain elastic and made an easy slip on loop with a baggie attached. Inside the baggie I wrote a note,"I am not a bad dog but I do bad things because my owner is dumb enough to let me run loose to annoy people and maybe even get hit by a car" That worked with one neighbor the first time I did it.

Another neighbor blew it off. So, I leashed his dog the next time he showed his face on my property and called animal control to come and get him. Animal control usually doesn't like to get in a he said/she said type of confrontation, because a wandering dog usually goes back home before they can respond to pick them up. But if you call the dispatcher and tell them that you have the dog captured, they'll usually come out and pick him up. And if they don't respond, call your muncipal representative or county supervisor.

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Very creative!! Kudos to you! I hope this posters situation can get resolves as easily

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Absolutely nobody should be afraid to enter or leave their own property because a large, mean looking dog or dogs are blocking their way. Whether they mean no harm is's the feelings they elicit in your daughter that's the point. Rotties can be protective, and God knows they are powerful dogs, capable of inflicting some serious harm. Add to that a pack mentality when two or more gather together and it's nothing to make assumptions about.

I don't know how people who so obviously disregard regulations and common sense about their own animals can even begin to muster up resentment or hostility when somebody complains or asks them to comply. Those are typical 'all about me' bullies who if they can't pull her chains with their dogs, will intimidate her themselves. They've got you over a barrel and they know it. You can either move or back down. It's a sick way for society to get.

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