I'm New to This Neighborhood

des_arc_ya_yaMay 26, 2009

As you probably noticed, tonight is my first time to visit and post on this forum.

I have a black and tan dachshund named Roxie and two cats, Fuzzy and Petunia.

I'm a lifelong pet owner and lover and don't think I've ever in my life been without a pet.

Anybody wanta visit and tell us what pets you have?

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Hi, and welcome!

I've had pets all my life too. Lots of dogs when I was a kid. I currently have two cats - Benny, who is 6, and Timmy, who is 10. I'm very fortunate that they let me live with them and that they leave part of the bed for me to sleep on. As long as I give them lots of love, scratches under the chin and behind the ears, good Wellness cat food, constantly clean litter boxes, then they let me live with them.

I have dog envy though. I live in a condominium and don't work regular hours (I don't always come home right after work) so it wouldn't be fair to have a dog. I go to the dog park by my house and people always ask which dog is mine, and I explain my dog envy, and that I come to the dog park to enjoy other people's dogs.

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I can relate to sephia's post. I also have two cats (Basil and Sally, twins at 9 years old), I live in a condo, and I have major dog (and horse!) envy. Cats, though, work extremely well for my single and active lifestyle. I do greet every dog I see when I'm out walking, and I fantasize about having a boxer mix. I guess I just love pets in general, and it is a very good thing that there are pet restrictions in this condo. I could easily be a spinster "cat lady" in the making. . .

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Hi and welcome, I have a choclate lab who is 5 yrs old.I got when he was 18 months old.He had been severely abused and abandoned.He is the sweetest dog ever.


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I have a lab that is now a year old and indoor/outdoor cats that I dearly love. Have had pets all my life and most live to very ripe old ages without much sickness or other health problems.

Our position here with all sorts of illness is to give the body a chance to heal itself without interference with synthetic methods. The immune system builds itself with use.

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Hello :):)
I am new here myself - and enjoy reading on this website

I have a lot of kitties - half of them not planned, but rather a result of "a foster that wont go away" :)
I have always wanted a dog though!

I know a bunch about cats but almost nothing about dogs ....

My Cats and Plants Gallery

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Welcome newbies ...

I have way too many animals! LOL! Couldn't live without them .. 2 dogs, Dakota getting geriatric at 12, and Lily a rescue we think is 5 this year, shaved for the summer for the first time and lovin it.

5 indoor cats, all rescues of one sort or another ... various barn cats that showed up and I now feed .. too feral to be pets. The non-feral one's have already joined the other spolied house cats!

3 miniature donkeys, my little donkey family; Sambina & Cosmo and their son Merlin. My equine pets!


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I have 2 cats and a puppy.

One of the cats was found abandoned at 14 days, and I bottle-raised her. The other cat was found starving in a wildlife refuge. I am fostering the puppy, a lab named Wilbur, to be a service dog for the disabled.

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Welcome. I currently have one dog. I was raised on a working cattle ranch in Colorado and have have any number of pets including cats, birds, dogs, horses, donkeys, fish etc. I have worked with police and search and rescue dogs and have some limited experience in the veterinary world.

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I was not allowed pets as a child so I have more than made up for it as an adult. I have had 15 cats and three dogs, and presently have five indoor only cats..Lily, Phoebe, Nellie and Annie... mother and daughter, and Henry. All are rescues. Last summer I adopted a rescue dog from Petfinder. He is part Sheltie/ part Boston Terrier. He is about 18 months old and is super smart and sweet. He goes to GS's soccer and baseball games and a daily two or three mile walk. We missed only four days since I got him due to ice. His name is Ziggy, the wonder dog and this cat person is smitten.

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hi newbies...I'm kind of one too to this particular forum...usually go onto the florida gardening forum. I have an english bulldog named Tootsie.....the sweetest dog in the world :-) I am dying to rescue another bully but DH is not ready yet. we did not rescue toots as we had just lost our furbaby Candy (another english bulldog) and did not want to deal with medical problems so soon, we got toots from a reputable breeder though so at least we didn't support puppy mills. When we lost candy neither DH or I could stand being in the house....we got toots less than a week after Candy died.

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howdy! just found this site. I have too many foster cats right now to count as well as several foster dogs... comes from being the pres of the local humane soc which runs the local no-kill facility. Just started a blog about experiences with fostering and also tips on how to do it for those who want to try. Lots of work but the rewards are priceless.
I've fostered felines and canines from newborn to geriatric... stop by sometime.. it is a work in progress.

Here is a link that might be useful: foster pet blog

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Hi, We are Cochicho (sleek, black, and beautiful) and Laika (always happy, happy, happy Golden). Mom thinks we are the best dogs in the whole world, which is good for us, but you probably think your friends are the best--good for them. We want all animals to be loved by the humans they share their lives with everyday.

I'm actually new to this forum too so I probably shouldn't have posted a photo--it might not be done here. But, it seemed a more personal way to say welcome. Both my pups are "found" mixed breeds, and I feel very fortunate they found their way into my home. They are the best hiking buddies, great co-pilots, and just a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with anywhere.

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darenka, we LOVE pictures!

Here are my 2 dogs ...

Dakota, who came to visit 11 years ago and never left:

Lily was a rescue on PetFinder.com:

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