Low hot water pressure

acehJanuary 25, 2011

My hot water pressure at the kitchen sink is a bit lower than the cold water pressure at same location. (I checked the areator and it's fine) Hot water pressure at bathtub is fine.

Water heater is only 4 years old, kitchen faucet is a single handle type. Any info would be appreciated.

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Make sure all the valves are fully open.

Scale can break loose in a water heater and partially obstruct any valves in the line, but the small stop valves under the sink are especially prone.

That is one of the reasons I prefer ball valves for stops that are not visible.

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Is there a mixing valve in the single handle faucet that could be clogged or bad?

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Problem solved! There was a big chunk of debris lodged in the hot water side of the inner part of the faucet.

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