30 and 36" Wide Drawers is there a rule for pull sizes?

lucas_tx_gwMarch 4, 2013

Haven't selected hardware yet but will have a number of drawers that are 30 and 36" wide. They will be the paneled type not slabs.

One cab is split top and and will have two 18" wide drawers as well.

Any rules of thumb I should use in evaluating hardware? We will use some type of bar pull.


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I was just researching this same topic a couple of weeks ago. If you search under kitchen forums you'll find a lot of great threads that can help you but the consensus is to use the rule of thirds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabinet hardware size & placement

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There are many threads on this subject if you search the forum, which can be difficult with the disfunctional search feature here. You might want to try an Internet search for the forum similar to this:

Site:gardenweb.com pull placement

I'll link one I found by doing a quick search for the above words plus my name.

My pull placement.

Here is a link that might be useful: One thread on pull placement

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I defer to those who have thought it through far more than I did! But I'm happy with how mine turned out. My KD said her rule is drawers of 24" or wider get multiple pulls. With shaker drawers, I fudged that a little, since the actual space for pulls was much smaller (and it was tricky with a combo of slab and paneled) -- but I definitely have double pulls (bar style) on every drawer 30" and over. Think not just about the look but also about what you are going to put in the drawer (how heavy is it), where will you be standing when you open it (in front or to the side), and what you think will be most functional for you.

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I used one 5 inch pull for anything 30 inches or less and 2 for anything over 30 inches.
I used an 8 inch pull on the pantry and the sunroom caves
I thought of using a lot of different sizes but went with a more uniform size.
I do like Breezy's and also what BadgerGal did with their pulls.

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I have 40" wide drawers. It was my INTENTION to put two, 4" pulls on them, much like a2gemini's picture above. However, I got careless and only put one in the center of the wide drawers. It looks and works totally fine.

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Angie - I was tempted...but GC was faster and drilled out a couple so stayed with the program...
I have a wide variety of drawer sizes - so it was either a standard size or a lot of different sizes

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I had a similar rule to arlington's KD, but mine was 27" and higher, two pulls. We have 27, 30, 33, and 48 drawers, each with two 5-inch pulls. I think a2gemini was the inspiration for that.

Excuse the weird angle of this shot!

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I used the same sized single pulls on every drawer regardless of size. I have two 36" wide pots and pans drawers, and with the Blum hardware they are a breeze to open and close with one hand. The final reasoning I used to go with one pull was that usually if you're putting something away you would have something held in one hand and be pulling the drawer open with the other...if you had two pulls you would then be pulling the drawer open from one side, not perhaps the best solution ergonomically. I have also had custom made furniture built for the bedroom, and went with single pulls there too. Slides are really well-made nowadays, so easy to pull open. ( I like the look of the double pulls, just find I only use one anyways...)

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Thanks all. That's very helpful.

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modern life interiors


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