Unneutered Lab & Unspayed Chihuahua

forboystooMay 1, 2013

Every 6 months or so I have to listen to the neighbors Chi crying for a week straight as their Lab keeps his nose plastered to her behind.

If that's not bad enough..
They just got a new Chi puppy.

The female is in heat now so in 6 months from now when she heats
again the male Chi will be ready to mate.

What I fear is that the Lab will consider the Chi as competition and do
harm to it.
I haven't had much luck trying to Google for more info. so I'm asking here.

I told them that the county will pay you $20.00 to spay or neuter Chi's.
I just don't think they are into that...

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If you live within city limits, find out the licensing requirements in the city. Some cities and towns impose much higher licensing fees for intact pets. Speak with your local animal control officer and explain the situation to him/her. Ask that the officer check city records and make sure that your neighbor's dogs are properly licensed. If they are not, have the officer cite the neighbors for non-compliance. Perhaps once your neighbors realize that maintaining intact pets will cost them more money (if that's the case in your area), they may be more inclined to consider spay/neuter.


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This makes me so mad.

Every single time that Chihuahua cries, call the cops;
it's cruelty, & it's disturbing the peace.

That poor dog.

I wish you the most perfect success.

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It's very sad here in CA.
The dogs they have are not licensed.
They are not socialized.
They are outside year round.

If I were to call animal control they would just give the dogs-up.
And I can guarantee the dogs would be put down.

I have a feeling that they are wanting to breed the Chi.
Hopefully they will think about having at least the Chi's fixed since I told them the county will pay .

I'll just have to say my prayers.
Thanks for listening !

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If your neighbors gave the dogs up to animal control, you could get in touch with a lab rescue and a chi rescue in your region and ask them to take the dogs from the pound. Or you could contact a lab and a chi rescue before you even call animal control to have those arrangements made ahead of time.


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"I have a feeling that they are wanting to breed the Chi. "

unfortunately there are so many people who know nothing about breeding and think it's as easy as tossing two dogs together and watching the dollars come rolling in, easy money if you don't care about doing it properly. People like that are so clueless about the bigger picture that it's damn near impossible to convince them what a bad idea it is. Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do, even if they get free spaying, some people still see backyard breeding as an opportunity to make a quick buck. I don't know what's available in your area but there are some rescues who keep an eye on the dog pounds for candidates to be rehomed. It's a difficult dilemma though and it's hard to know whether it's best the dogs stay where they are and are bred repeatedly or if they were surrendered. I actually think until lawmakers are ready to get serious about animal welfare issues and implement laws to stop irresponsible breeding then it's just going to continue on and no matter how much we would like to step in and just stop people from doing this, we can't do anything because as immoral as it is, there are no laws to stop it.

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