Any good Kitchen Fitters in N.Ireland?

TierneyMcMarch 13, 2013

Hi there,

Came here in the hope someone with a bit more knowledge than myself could help me!

Currently I am trying to renovate my kitchen, though I dont have a great deal of money to splash out so need to price around a few different places.
I have only got 2 quotes back so far, the most competitive at the moment being Torrent, Marble & Granite through their contact form.
I need a few more quotes so if anyone knows of any good options let me know!

Also please note, i am in N.Ireland so they would need to be located here.

Thanks for your help!

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Somehow I picture every kitchen outside the U.S. as being very rustic, "collected" and gorgeous.

It's odd to think of someone having something I've probably dealt with and was so glad to get rid of.

I don't have any suggestions for you, but I am looking forward to what you come up with. I don't think I've seen an Irish kitchen outside the 1800s movies! :)

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Hi TierneyMc,

I'm bumping this up for the evening crowd. Looking forward to hopefully following along. Can you make sure to keep us posted? We love kitchens, photos of kitchens, and non-typical GW are always a favorite!

In case you are interested, my Grandmother (her name was Robina) was born and raised in Belfast. She's been deceased for a very long time but I always think of her whenever someone is going to Ireland or visiting from Ireland. I would love to see any photos you have to share with us. What IS the view outside your window?

Welcome aboard,

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