Drying Time-Pipe Joint Compound

harley_2010January 31, 2010

Is there any 'Trick' to speed up the drying process on the Oatey Pipe Joint Compound/White,for the Tub-Shower.

Propane Torch, Blow Dryer?


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It is not supposed to dry. Pipe joint compound is only to be used on threaded joints, and if you still have a leak after applying the joint compound you simply did not tighten the joint enough.

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I tightened it all the way up but there is still just a very small occasional drop of water. Can I put putty or something to seal tight before I close the wall once and for all?

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If an NPT joint is leaking it can only result from one of two problems, either the joint is not tight enough or it is cross threaded. There is nothing that can be applied to the outside of the joint to seal it.

Either tighten the joint more or take it apart and re-cut the threads, then re-assemble the joint.

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Did you wrap with teflon tape; three wraps and then coat with a teflon pipe dope?

Tightening a pipe is a learned art. Using two pipe wrenches, I'd say pull as hard as you can muscle up with a 10" wrench.

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You may use either PTFE tape or pipe dope, but they are never supposed to be used in combination.

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If you can't tighten it enough to stop the drip, do what you don't want to do: take it apart and do it over. Otherwise, it will get worse over time, no matter how much goo you put on the outside.

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While I don't want to incur the wrath of lazypup, the use of both tape and dope is widespread in the black pipe heating industry.

I had a tiny drip leak last week between a new copper male adaptor and a brass valve, something uncommon when compared to steel pipe.

I tightened it 3 times over 3 days and finally ended up taking the thing apart and doing it all over again yesterday. Hoping for the best today.

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Use two pipe wrenches to tighten it. If you are not using a pipe wreench you are not getting it tight enough. Vice grips and channel locs are just not good enough for this job.
You can always tighten it more. The treads are tapered.

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The key here is the phrase "tightened it all the way up". There is no "all the way up". Tighten it another 3-4 rounds and it will be fine.
A lot of pipe dope contains chopped teflon, along with a lubricant and some finer solids. When tapered threads were common in the oilfield, we used to use teflon tape and grease, and tighten till the joint got warm. It would hold 10,000 psi all day.

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Thanks to everyone I finally started over and used thick dope and I have no leaks. Now I have a new problem, I tiled the wall and now the new American Standard fittings need to go further into the wall. There is no adaptor or anything for them? I probably just have to cut the wall wider around the fixtures.

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