Glass cabinets disadvantages

omrigezMarch 3, 2013

Hi all,

I'm considering buying a kitchen with opaque glass fronts in the lower cabinets.

I saw kitchens like that in a show and they look realy great.

The advantage is clear... This is a beautiful kitchen!!

Are there any other advantages of glass in the lower cabients?

And now the drawbacks... It's expensive!!

What other drawbacks a glass front kitchen has?

What should I pay attention when buying such a kitchen??


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Why would you put glass in the lower cabinets, especially when you are talking about opaque glass? In most kitchens, you don't see them nearly as much. You won't get light through opaque glass as much as clear, and when you put it down low, even more so. Lower cabinets are much more likely to get banged, bumped and subject glass to breakage. The things you put in lower cabinets is typically not display worthy and using drawers is so much easier for access in most of your lower cabinets -- so a couple of glass doors (in my kitchen it would be two sink bases) in glass seems silly.

If you want to put a lot of money into something you think looks neat and you can afford to replace them if they don't work out or you want to sell the house, it would be unique in a form over function sort of way. But if function trumps form or even equals it, I'd put the money into drawers and features more at eye level.

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We put glass in the doors of these china cabinets which are in the DR which is open to the kitchen. We put tempered glass in the bottom panels and regular glass in the tops. We were concerned that grandchildren might run into them someday, so the extra expense was worth it.

Personally, I wouldn't do glass lowers for kitchen cabinets. Drawers work so well, and glass is iffy in such a high activity area.

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I wouldn't want glass lowers because of the kids. We have quite a few antinques and tallcase clocks, with glass, and the kids are fairly good about being careful.

The kitchen is where people hurry more, toddlers may run, mine will sometimes miss when they go to put their sippy cups on top of the counter and instead hit a drawer or door by accident (they are 2 yrs old so still short but trying). So, glass being hit by things, even from bags of groceries being carried in would worry me. I have had tempered glass break before and it is a mess to clean up.

Second thing I would not like would be the added daily cleaning, if you have kids or animals. I have glass on uppers and clean it at least a few times a week. I am really fussy about glass looking perfect with no smears or prints.

I can see how it would add to the look of a kitchen. If you do glass, make sure it is tempered so it is safe.

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The bottom glass cabinets can be very glossy. And also I can use decorated glass for the bottom cabinets.

Here is an example of pantry with opaque glass...

and here is an example of decorated glass on bottom cabinets...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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