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lily316May 27, 2010

I have been approved by an adoption group and have an appointment to see a three year old Doxie who was dumped at a shelter. We were looking for a rescue as a second dog to our Boston Terrier mix. This is a dog I know little about although two of my friends had them for long time pets and loved them. This dog is 20 pounds and sweet and mellow or so they say. He's black and tan. I want my next dog to be intelligent, friendly to cats and other dogs, not high strung, mellow,loyal and affectionate. Does this sound like a doxie?

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Hi,from my experience with my doxie grand dog Ellie(3 yrs old)some of that is true for her.She is affectionate,intelligent,mellow,loyal and friendly to dogs she knows but not to ones she doesn't know.She is a yapper,barks at everything that moves.Barks alot at people she doesn't know.All of this is probably because she has not been socialized to other animals other than mine and the ones at her house and not around other people other than close family.What I'm describing is probably not the norm for that breed of dog but it is the experineces I've had with her.Good luck! Debbie

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Dogs of our lives - but we no longer have a Dachshund. We have had 5 - four at one time each being "anchored" by VERY Alpha - but benevolent with their sibling Dachshunds and cats. The Alphas were my super guys - HUGE dogs in 10 lb. bodies - and sadly the only 2 to suffer from the dreaded Dachshund back/neck disc disease. And, yes we did have the full body surgeries. 20 lbs. - so is this Dachshund a "tween" or small Standard? Or is the pup a very overweight mini - that should maybe weigh 10 - 14 lbs? You will need to know this. I expect the Dachshund is being sweet at the shelter - especially if the pup is smart - and many Dachshunds are scary smart - my Alphas were - fortunately the rest were middle of the road. Unfortunately you really won't know the pup's true temperament until you have him living in your home and he becomes adjusted. It could be he will be Alpha over your existing pup - and your existing pup won't care - or the Dachshund will be happy to be second banana. I would just be careful at the beginning. Once you see the Dachshund it will be very hard to say no - personally I would want a back X-Ray before I even saw the dog, but life doesn't happen that way. And, of course, all Dachshunds' backs will show calcification of the discs it is whether or not an "event" will occur that is the problem. Sometimes it is just one or two discs - in my 2 guys' cases it was every single disc. I get my Dachshund fixes on the street. I am most definitely not trying to scare you off -this pup needs a home - but I just want you to be aware of potential problems. Note though that back issues are on the rise with all breeds its seems. You will also want to care for teeth - small mouths - too many teeth. Be careful how you pick up. If you can fashion a ramp for use when getting into your bed (and don't think the Dachshund won't get into your bed because he will) and onto the couch. They are true gourmands - so keeping weight under control is a must - as is keeping them away from the stairs. Had I not gone through the second surgery with my last guy, or had he not died 10 months to the day of his surgery at age 6, we would have adopted another Dachshund - but I just couldn't do it. Now we have an American Eskimo with VERY long legs - who feels threatened by the bond he senses when we meet a Dachshund. I hope all goes well - just be sure to ask about the back etc.

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Thanks for the info. I was concerned about the back problems after doing a little reading. I have not a clue what kind he is..a small standard I would guess. We have a date to see him tomorrow with our Boston Terrier/Sheltie mix who weigh 25 pounds. Ziggy is not an alpha dog but holds his own with all dogs he meets. His very best friend in the world is my friend's 45 pound standard poodle. They romp and play and bite each others ears. What about walks? I'm thinking this might be a BIG drawback for me. I walk my dog two miles a day in 30 minutes. We don't dawdle. I was thinking today that maybe a doxie will not be able to maintain that speed. The bed thing will not be an issue since my dog sleeps in his crate and the next one will too. My dog loves his crate and the door is always left open and he goes in to nap on the soft blanket in there. My bed is a very high antique rope bed that even I have to jump on. This doxie is 3 years old, a little older than I wanted but my dog will be three in December. I've had him two years. We'll see. Stay tuned.

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Good luck with your meet-up. Re the pup's size - it could go either way. I have seen minis who should weigh 12 lbs. coming in at post 20 lbs. - waddling like you wouldn't believe. Hopefully the pup is a tween or a small standard. A Dachshund on a diet is NOT a pretty thing (or an American Eskimo for that matter as I well know). Re the walking, if in the mood, Dachshunds can walk a fair distance provided they are in the mood - and if the pup becomes tired you could always pick him up. Of course if he is overweight you would have to exercise but then limit the walks so he wouldn't keel over during summer. Dachshunds do love the heat - it is funny to see them rolled up like sausages in duvets in 90 F weather and then come out gasping for air - only to then go right back under. They love to burrow - under couch cushions etc. I still say that the Dachshund will get into your bed! Haven't met one Dachshund owner who hasn't finally surrendered. I would be VERY happy for a 3 year old dog. Our Dachshunds were all rescues with the youngest being 6 months. But our Eskimo was 13 weeks and I was 54 - good heavens! And Eskies never mature. I met a lady at the vet - my age - who had just adopted a 12 week old Havanese. Her friend was with her for support. The new Mom - and this was her first dog - was hysterical - I can only imagine how things were going about the 20 week mark. Then I ran into same ladies at Dominion grocery store in Toronto and the friend was outside with the dog while the new Mom was in buying every type of ready made food she could find because she was a wreck from trying to keep up with the puppy. Havanese - like Eskies LOVE paper - and she hadn't learned to never leave any paper products within reach. I had wanted a dog about 3 or 4 but we didn't and don't have a fenced yard - hounds just dig under anyway and Eskies can jump very high. The lady who had rescued and placed our Dachshunds with us privately had finally stopped doing so - she became afraid when she reached a certain age. At 60 and 62 we now only have one dog. None of our dogs have ever slept in crates -well, after our first guy came home post surgery he had to stay in one - I put it on the bed. He was brilliant - his brother was not. He "showed" his brother how to open the gate and his brother went in and out came the surgical patient - and shut his brother in and then proceeded to put his head on my pillow and go to sleep. Re cats - all of my Dachshunds LOVED "their" cats - not a problem at all. They played and teased each other - but no one was able to hurt "their" cats. Dachshunds do have deep barks - and if the pup does turn out to be Alpha he will be very protective of you and your family. Since Dachshunds are part of the Terrier breed and you already have a little "terrorist" you will know this. I hope it all works out. Really interested in the weight. My husband just came by and laughed when I told him that the Dachshund wasn't going to sleep in your bed!

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Well, we are now the owners of a doxie. We went out for meet and greet with our dog and ended up taking him home. I thought the women would want to check out my references and vet and wasn't prepared for this. We liked him and he seemed mellow and nice. He's three and was from W.VA brought up in a caravan ,all rescued from a kill shelter there. He walked in my house walked up to each cat and touched noses and made himself at home. One of my cats retreated to the basement but came back and is now watching him. First thing we did was take a two mile walk. They both walked very nicely and the little short legs CAN keep up. He was just neutered last week so he isn't exactly peppy for wrestling with Ziggy. They get along, he doesn't love Ziggy yet. The only drawback is he races after the squirrels. I hope this can be corrected. He's quite handsome and shiny ..chocolate and tan. If I figured how to post a pix, I would. Wish me luck. This little guy has maybe had a rough life. This is his third home in as many weeks and who even knows before...

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Congratulations! I knew you would be bringing the pup home. Great news that he is skinny - thankfully you won't have to put him on a diet - that would be an awful start. Re the squirrels - forget it - Dachshunds, like many dogs, have high prey drives (remember Dachshunds were bred to go after groundhogs and well squirrels are prey) and it is extremely unlikely that will ever change. They are "hard-wired" to go after them. We had a couple that tried to tease my main Alpha - he looked them in the eye and that was that. Our Eskimo has a high prey drive, but the 2 squirrels who tease him aren't afraid of him. I thought that the Dachshund would get along well with your cats - just takes a bit of time - and you may find that he develops a very strong friendship with one of your cats (probably the one who will open cupboard doors for him and toss bits of food into his mouth). Since you have a dog I doubt you leave the cats' food on the floor (although I know people who do) but it would be gone in a flash. Walks shouldn't be a problem since he is skinny and he will let you know if Mom needs to pick him up. I think it will be a few weeks before you know how he will really fit in - he will need to be comfortable and then his temperament will show - hopefully one in sinc with your current dog. I am not surprised about the 3 homes. Our first guy had been in 4 - and we adopted him at a year. Many people adopted him thinking that Dachshunds were like little stuffed dogs - nope, Big guys in small bodies. And he was gorgeous too - look like an auburn standard in a 10 lb. body - full features, big ears - and LOVED his Mommy. It does make it hard on the dog though when he has had a rough start - they never really forget it. Our guy would have defended me to his death - but with me was a real suck. I look forward to hearing how he does as he settles in. AND WHEN HE MAKES IT TO YOUR BED! It will start with him settling into his crate. Then say at 5:00 a.m. asking to get into bed. He will give up eventually. Then it will be 4:00 a.m. - he will give up. Then 3:00 a.m. again, give up; 4:00 a.m. - and you will give up. Dachshunds just love real beds - and love to be against Mommy. I can't post pictures either. Actually, my Alpha Dachshunds did not like having their pictures taken - considered the camera a threat - and our Eskimo doesn't like it either. He is an exceptionally pretty boy (the Johnny Depp of dogs) but when he sees a camera, he flattens his fur and scrunches up his face and looks sideways - you would hardly recognize him. But his butt is always available for a picture - and he has a butt that all dogs find VERY tantalizing. He has a raincoat - and when he is wearing it he looks like a 22 lb. White Wiener! My husband just came by and I told him the Dachshund is now at home with you - he was expecting this too!

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First full day and Parker is adapting nicely. Eats the same food as Ziggy in identical side by side bowls. No food aggression. Took him to an art fest, then to a few visits and a two mile walk. He did fine. He tends to park himself in the yard and stare at the Magnolia tree waiting for a squirrel to show up. I crated him last night in a makeshift crate.(a plastic carrier) and am getting a wire crate like Ziggy has. I think a crated dog is a safe dog at night, and I have too many cats to risk any shenanigans.

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LILY it sounds like you are doing all the right things. Dogs do love their crates when they are use to them. Please keep us informed. I've been following your posts for a while on a new pup :)

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