hand held shower kit recommendations?

lizb_1772January 30, 2012

1951 Master bathroom is gutted and renovations have begun. We are not going over the top, just nice, conservative, traditional. Shower preference is to have one shower head only: a handheld on a slide bar that will deliver the strong, hard spray we like. We also want to stop water flow while we soap up, then resume at the same volume and temperature to rinse. We have excellent water pressure. Two parents and one teenager.

I think, but am not sure, that to meet our desires, we need the following:

hand held shower kit (includes shower head, hose, and slide bar), a thermostatic trim kit (two control levers, right?), and the valve guts for each control and the shower head. Am I right?

Now, please recommend brands (be as specific as you can, even product numbers.) We will live here forever, and want stuff that will last as long as the 1951 stuff did. But we definitely are not going top of the line price-wise. Thanks.

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We went with the Delta Lockwood for ours--we have the thermostatic control with regular shower head, the handshower with slide bar, an overhead raincan and the diverter. We can run each component by itself or in any combination of 2 or 3. I've listed a link below that will give you everything you need to know pretty much for setting up your shower with multiple components using a Delta system. Another option would be to use one of Delta's N2ition shower heads instead of the slide bar option. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Shower System Setup

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