My Cat Just Had A Violent Seizure

betsyhacMay 11, 2013

He was standing, but shaking violently. I picked him up and held him to try to see if he was choking and breathing. I've never had this happen with any of my animals. It lasted maybe 30 seconds. Afterward, he was limp, but alert, and his pupils were dilated. He had drooled, but not gone to the bathroom. He recovered fairly quickly and started walking around as though he was looking for something. He just ate some food and now seems back to normal. He's an older guy (at least 17) and he's been yowling and drinking a lot of water, so I know he's having thyroid issues. Other than that, tho, he's fine. Active, hasn't gotten skinny, eating (canned food), playing, etc. Not on any meds.
I lost my job. My unemployment just ended. I have very little money and am scrambling to line up any kind of job at this point, so I can't go to the vet unless absolutely necessary at the moment.
If you have any info or experience, I'd appreciate it. I'm very freaked out. I thought my beloved boy was dying in my arms.

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Thyroid issues can cause seizures. Can you think of anything he could have gotten into such as flea meds that you may have put on your dog and he could have licked it? Was HE recently medicated for fleas? Could he have gotten into any poison outside or eaten something like a piece of chocolate in a candy dish etc?

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Yeah, as I've been reading on Inet, I see that thyroid is a cause - that he's probably dehydrated and has bad levels.
No flea meds, poison or candy around here.
He seems fine this morning. Slept with me most of night. I'm just terrified of the next one, or that he'll have one when I'm gone. I've put more water dishes out thruout the house. I don't know what else to do. One thing I haven't read is what kind of toll this takes on him.

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if he's dehydrated, you can take a syringe (or a turkey baster? don't fill all the way) without the needle & slowly give him water with it. You can do this several times a day. Or give him wet food. We take wet food & make 'soup' for our cats. Put half a can of wet food in bowl, add hot water, mush it around. The 'gravy' canned foods work best for it. They love it & it ups their water intake.

If you lightly pinch up the skin on his neck & it stays up when you let go, he's dehydrated & needs more water. Good luck, it's hard when they're sick esp. when funds are limited. If it gets worse & you have to see the vet, tell them funds are limited & you need to be conservative on tests etc. If you have a good vet, they will work with you. Hope this improves & good luck job hunting too.

edit to add -a turkey baster would prob. work as well as a syringe

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You can give him Karo syrup mixed in a little warm water, too.

I wish you the best.

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My cat had some seizures in the later stages of CRF. It is a scary thing to experience as the human. One time I too thought he was dying in my arms which I didn't think would be the worst way to go. He came out of it though and carried on a while longer. I didn't do anything in particular for the seizures, just continued to treat the CRF until his time was up.

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Jomuir: He does drink a lot of water, but I will try to supplement, as you said. And I do give them the mush. I have a great vet, but with zero income right now, even his reasonable rates are out of the question. I am at the point where I'll take on three p/t jobs if I have to. I tried the pinch, and he does not appear to be dehydrated.

Sylvia: I'd forgotten about the Karo syrup. I remember having to do that many years ago with a kitty sick with Fatty Liver Syndrome. Thx for the reminder.

Of course, I don't want to lose him, but it's also hard bc, other than the yowling, he's a very healthy and active boy.

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