Where do you buy your dog food?

jmzmsMay 23, 2010

We have fed our girls TOTW for a few years and recently switched to Orijen. We buy it at a local chain pet supply store, not a boutique, but just dogs and a little bit of cat stuff. I started looking to see if I can find it cheaper online or somewhere else, and got to wondering...where does everyone else buy their food?

Where do you buy your food? Big Box Pet Store (Petsmart, Petco)? Independent retailer? Grocery store? Online? Just curious...

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Petco or Petsmart. Right now I give Caesar (the peke) Wellness Core.

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Walmart or Sam's Club. I buy Purina One or the Sam's Club equivalent. Perfectly healthy food for pets even though it might not have that 'designer' quality.

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My dogs are on a raw food diet, but I have been buying canned and dry cat food at PetFoodDirect.com for the past 6 months or so. They have frequent sales and free shipping offers, and I'm very happy so far with the prices and the convenience.

Off topic, I started my latest kitten on Weruva grain-free canned food on the recommendation of my vet. Initially, I went to the local pet store and bought one small can of each flavor, saved the labels in three piles (5 stars, just OK, and yuck!), and then ordered a case of each of the 4 flavors that got 5 stars. The absolute favorite is called Polynesian Barbecue. This cat likes to climb up a tree next to the deck and hang out on the sunroom roof. I was trying to get her into the house one morning before some landscapers arrived with their bulldozer for a long noisy day, and she simply would NOT come down... she was rolling on her back and stretching her paws out to me and just acting like a silly girl. I said, "Do you want some dinner?" and she sat up all interested, but still would not come down... so I added, "It's Polynesian Barbecue!" (I always announce the flavor du jour when I feed the cats), and she hopped right down and ran to the back door to be let in. Now THAT'S a testimonial :o)


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Tractor Supply.My bassets eat Taste of the wild salmon blend, and I must say they are doing well on it..

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Wellness Core, from an independent retailer.

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I also use Orijen. There is a service in my area called Pawsch. Its a delivery service. They come in a van thats like a little pet shop inside. Its the cheapest place I've found to buy Orijen. Many of the boutiques in my area ran out of Orijen so fast we were always driving all over to find it. Pawsch is great. When we moved we were very happy to find out that they delivered to our new home as well.

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I'm with ilovepoco. I feed raw to the dogs and most of the cats. For the cats who can't tolerate raw, I buy commercial food from petfooddirect.com. With their occasional free shipping discounts and 18-22% off discounts, and their brand sales and overall lower pricing, I can almost always buy cheaper there than anywhere else, and I don't have to run all over the area trying to find premium brands. I sure do like the convenience of home delivery.

BTW, petfooddirect is currently (until 5/26 midnight) offering free shipping on up to 70 lbs with any order totaling at least $100. Use promotion code FREESHIP70 at checkout.


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I buy Wellness Super 5 mix from the local pet store. They also get additional protein each day.

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I use to could only find California Natural at a local veterinarian (not mine). However, a new locally owned pet store now carries it, so we buy it there.

I did try a delivery service of another brand and they were great. However, their food contained one ingredient that epileptic dogs should not have, so I discontinued using them. I must say though, they were great. They were on time, consistent, and the cost was comparable to Cali Natural. It was just that one ingredient for him - rosemary oil -- a no no for epileptic dogs that are sensitive to it (not all epi dogs are).

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Eagle Pack Holistic Select at the local independent pet store. Buy 10 bags, get the 11th free. With 3 huskies, a rottie, a pomeranian and until very recently a lab- that comes in handy.

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We use Natures Recipe and it works fine for my Dobermann Pincher . My wife will buy it where ever whenever it is on sale we suplement her diet with pureed carrots sweet potatoes and peas. Canned food is, exspensive and a pain running for it she loves her diet and throws up much less. We had her on 5 or 6 different brands and finally got it right . I am tempted to go raw natural, but my wife is turned off by it. Am I right in stating there is no if any regulation in the pet food industry?

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debbiep - I would have never thought of tractor supply for dog food...let alone TOTW. Wow.

trini - I love the delivery idea, but don't have one around here.

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jmzms....DH found the delivery service when he was checking online to see where we could go to buy her food since the boutique we normally bought it from was sold out. The best thing about the delivery service is that you can just call or email them about any product you want and they will get it. We buy all her treats and toys from them now too. Cheaper than anywhere else and its delivered to our door. No more dog food hunting :-)

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From my dog's Toronto groomer - Fromms Salmon A La Veg or Duck & Sweet Potato. My 6 year old Eskimo has eaten this food since he was 8 months old and has done very well on it. More expensive in Canada and harder to find - especially since it wasn't on the recall list.

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Two of our pets are on special diets for urinary tract issues, so we get their food from our vet.

Our local pet supply store (Centinela) gives 10% off on Tuesdays if you are 55 or over. They have a good selection and monthly coupons, so I get the rest of the food there.

You might look to see if there is something similar in your area.

Petsmart and Petco aren't bad either, and often have coupons and discounts if you get their keychain card.

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