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swallowtail_growerMay 29, 2010

Hello, I foster kittens for the animal shelter here where I live and I have 5 right now very small I believe they were left on a freeway, needless to say I think they have had a very hard time just surviving. I feed them Purina kitten chow and I moisten it a bit probably about month and 1/2 old. I`m on a pension and ssi and on a tight budget. Is there anything else I can give them to build and add a bit of weight, it seems when I give them a can of moist cat food they get diarrhea and thats just to try to give them a treat.Otherwise they play and seem to be healhy.Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

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Try goats milk. You can find it in most grocery stores, in cans - condensed

I also make chicken bouillon from cheap chicken backs or thighs and then defone the meat and mix it in - makes a nice nutritious soup kittens like

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Try "esibilac". You can find it at pet stores. It is on a similar vein to similac for babies. Warm it in the microwave a bit, and then add it to crushed up kitten chow (crush the kitten chose with a rolling pin in a baggy).

We use to do this at the shelter for litters who's mother would refuse to nurse.

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Does the shelter cover any costs? I suggest taking a fecal sample to a vet and having them check for worms. That may be why the kittens are not gaining weight.

To feed them canned food try adding a small amount into their wet/dry food. That way their system can adjust to it slowly. You may also want to try a different brand or type of canned food. Certain brands upset my pet's tummy where others don't.

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You might add a little cooked rice with chicken, too.

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