What to expect after neutering my pup.

Timber3May 11, 2012

I think I'll be neutering my pup at about 6 months and fixing his umbilical hernia at the same time. What kind of behaviour change will I notice after the proceedure? Also will he be able to hold his pee longer or shorter periods?

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I've never noticed any differences after a pup has been neutered. No difference in how long he can hold his pee.

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Had my last male neutered at 9 months and found no difference. Same old happy pup as before. Gave him one day on leash and then he was free to run. I know most vets say up to 10 days and E-collars. Have had many neutered males and never a problem.

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Age is what will change length of time for bladder control.

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I have neutered dogs as early as 8 weeks of age and as old as 15 years.. not seen any difference in ability to hold urine depending on what age they are neutered.

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Only know about spaying pups. When I had dogs, they were always LARGE breeds... Dobies & Rotts. Last was a wonderful red Dobie.. Gracie. Had her spayed at about 6 months old... before she ever went into heat. Was like a 36 hour procedure... dropped off early one day and picked up late the next. Was advised that she might be a little "dopey"... she was like that when I took her in!! Said try to keep her calm for a few days... she BOUNDED up into car like nothing had even happened to her. I knew she would FREAK with one of those collars, so just tried to keep a close eye on her over the stitches. They slowly started to disappear?? Incision was clean, NOT at all red/puffy... by the time we returned maybe 10 days later... only 2 left outta maybe 7-8?!?

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I have found the boys bounce back much faster than the girls! My dear Simba (male sheltie) was rdy to play fetch when I brought him home!

I took the school dogs to get neutered and spayed. Male bounced back within a day and the female took a lot longer! TEHN she had complications--bleeding. And lucky me is in NICARAGUA!! The vet that did the operation was closed so we went to a "emergency" vet and it wa sa sight to be hold,lol It was ur typical Nica vet---office in his home!! Didnt look very sanitary, but she was bleeding, so had no choice! Her internal stitches had come undone!! He stated the other vet used to think of a suture!! She is doing well now, she actually gets her external stitches out today!!

But never noticed any urinary retention difference in males/females!! There are a lot of false myths out there!!

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We got our puppy spayed at 6 mos and right afterwards we noticed a little more dominance in her behavior. She became much more protective over our home and territorial. She plays well in dog parks and social arenas, but if a dog or person steps foot on our property she's not a happy camper and lets them know it with a nice loud bark.

There was no change in her urinating habits though. That changed as she got older not because she was spayed.

Our dog was spayed by laser surgery at a local low cost clinic and it was a one day procedure. I was nervous at first but as it turned out, they were the most efficient well run clinic I've ever seen and what amazed me even more is they were just a fraction of the cost our regular vet wanted to charge. They spayed her, did the rabies shot and micro chipped all at the same time and she didn't even need medications afterwards. Instead they gave her a pain killer that lasted 48 hours. She healed without needing the collar and now there is a slight green tattoo marking where the surgery took place for future reference. Really amazing at how far the process has come, it was so easy.

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