Hanger Steak

sleevendogDecember 12, 2013

Not at all unfamiliar to me, just not what i usually seek out. Flank is what i usually use for a
Vietnamese dish...thin slices in a nice buttery boston lettuce leaf with herbs and ginger sesame sauce.
My local market, Fairway, has hanger steak this week. Thought i would give it a go and started searching. My go-to for meat is 'serious eats'.

(oh no, do i blame dcarch for tempting me with sous vide, lol. The cooler method?)

Dare I ?

I have a back-up plan...but oh so cold this week, too cold for the grill. Anyone use hanger and have a good method?

Here is a link that might be useful: hanger steak 101

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I make skirt steak all the time, which is similar and connected to the hanger steak and use Alton B's marinade recipe which is very good.
As I am the only one here who likes the chewiness, I grill it black and blue and over the next few days cut off thick slices and quickly heat in a frying pan on the stove. Each slice turns out deeply browned and medium rare inside. One of my favorites!

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I love hanger steak, skirt, flank - all the flavorful chewy cuts.

Usually I salt the steak, chill it in refrigerator, heat a cast iron pan until the oil is smoking, brown the steak on both sides. Then, like bumblebeez, I cut slices and cook them to taste,

These steaks used to be inexpensive, but flank at least has become quite costly. Skirt and hanger aren't as common in the stores I go to.

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I'm pretty confident, but we were thrown a wrench a couple months ago. In a good way.
Our new 'corner' store, just two months now, is a Fairway, a NYC institution, though may be getting a bit big for their britches...?...i do like their quality.
Appreciate the help. Next week is tenderloin and whole Greek branzino.
We are not big meat eaters. Love a shell steak that we buy 2inces thick and split. A delightful fat cube seared all sides. A burger ground ourselves maybe every other month. Meat standards but most often have fish.
I think the last time i had tenderloin was early 20's dinner dates, lol. I'm liking the challenge at 4.79lb.
DH wants shrimp and expensive but USA and wild caught. So that will be a scampi and next day, maybe sunday, a 'squishy'...similar to a lobster roll.

New meat cuts are mysterious and can be fun me thinks. I'll check Alton B. Thanks!

I've not been in a grocery since the tues before turkey day, but DH likes this market and will swing by on his way home...easy stop and fast check-out. Win-win.

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...and Lydia will be there next week. Must be a new cookbook signing.

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John, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who isn't afraid to chew.

Actually, sirloin is one of my favorites and tenderloin is probably my least favorite. Tenderloin is tender and buttery, but not particularly flavorful, one of the few cuts of beef that actually appreciates the help of a sauce.

Beef is getting more expensive and now the less tender cuts are getting more popular, I think. I remember the first time I looked at a package of oxtail in the grocery and it was over $4 a pound. "Soup bones" were right next to that, and there was little meat, it was mostly clean bones. $3 a pound for those too. I was appalled, that's what we used to eat because we couldn't sell them, now they're gourmet cuts!

At any rate, I also like hanger steak marinated, cooked very rare and sliced thinly. Any leftovers make a good sandwich with some horseradish mayo or grainy mustard, or as part of a warm potato salad.

Flank steak? Beats me, Ashley immediately appropriates every package available when we have beef processed, she uses it for fajitas. That's all, just fajitas. What, there's any other use? (grin)


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With sous vide cooking, I can even enjoy London Broil, or any tough cut of beef. London Broil sometimes is on sale at $2.99 a lb.

I like hanger steak. It can get more tender then tenderloin after sous vide cooked. $5.99 a lb ids not cheap, but very cheap by Fairway standards.

I have a $100 Fairway gift card which I won in a cooking contest, which I have not used for a while. I seldom shop at Fairway because I don't see why I should spend 50% more money for the same food. Well, I guess I should not hold on to it forever. So I went and got about $50.00 worth of hanger steaks.


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Saw a package of skirt steak at the local big grocery store tonight. $7/lb. I think the word has gotten out. Darn.

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Bumble - I love the flavor and chewiness of hanger and flank steaks. I'll take them any day to filet mignon, which I find bland, and even prefer them to a NY Strip, which was always my favorite cut of beef. There's something about a perfectly marinated and grilled hanger steak. I buy the double packages of flank at Costco, and hanger steak whenever I find it.

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It was just wonderful. So tender and juicy. Managed a nice quick sear in a cast iron wok.
I did lightly salt and dry them in the fridge on a grid rack but just for the 6 hours i had. Then into a 220 oven for 1hour 15min. I did all three. One for the meal that night i left open, the other two i folded like a book and tied. The surface was nice and dry and did not steam at all when it hit the hot pan. The other two i seared later, rare. One for sandwiches and one for the next night fajitas. (the open one not booked was about 45 min in the oven)

Impressive cut. More flavor than our usual flank. But flank i often wet marinade. This i wanted to dry a bit without even a dry rub. Did not need it.
Not a cooking method usually recommended for hangar steak, but i felt it worked well by paying close attention.
dcarch-we have similar shopping options and i also prefer to shop conveniently. I can't even look at my local stop-n-shop meat/seafood area. All store are very different. Possibly management etc. The fairway is brand new. I pass the Harlem store a few hundred times a year via the WestSideHway but rarely have stopped. 3-4 times a year but now have one as my local, daily if needed.
I'm not that interested in the tenderloin. Gearing up for a big grind tomorrow and merguez sausage making. So i need to pick up a leg of lamb and such.
We'll see tomorrow. Maybe i'll take the tenderloin challenge....

Had i know i would have suggest you pick up a cod fillet. They look really good right now...
I do believe Fairway has better quality and when they have a special it is not the big red grocery sticker saying 'reduced for clearance'.

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