stubborn puppy!

Timber3May 11, 2012

I have a 13 week old Standard Poodle. He's quite smart but stubborn. Will already check to see if I'm not looking then go grab a shoe or go sit on the couch...all things he knows he's not allowed to do. How do I stop this behaviour?

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First, remember that he's a three month old puppy that needs play time, exercise, and toys to play with so that he doesn't prefer your shoes.

Now is the time to start training him, but don't expect a puppy to behave like a trained, adult dog.
Standard Poodles are extremely smart and have lots of energy so be sure he gets enough exercise. Enroll in a puppy class, then move on to an obedience class.
Check out the link below for more info on working with Standard Poodles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Training Standard Poodles

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Ditto to Annz. Remember it is NOT the dog's fault, you need to provide the things he needs so he doesn't go for your shoes and always give him lots of love.

He is a baby!

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Smarter the dog = the more trouble they get into!!! A tired dog is a great dog!!!

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Have you raised a puppy before? 13 weeks is a baby that needs constant gentle training.

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He's not stubborn. He's a baby and needs time and lots of patience to train.And being very smart he will challenge you along the way. Be glad you have a dog with so much potential. He has to feel he is doing what you want because he wants to please you and for every little thing he does right give him over the top praise.

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Yep I'm with him most of the day since I stay at home. He get's lot's of exercise chasing balls and 2 - 3 walks a day. He's a great little guy. He's my third pup, the other two I had weren't so rambunctiouse. Guess it`s the poodle in him! Thanks all!!

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Timber, you have a smarter than the average bear puppy. Here is the deal, if he grabs a shoe, grab one of his toys, tell him drop the shoe and encourage him to play with his toys. Teaching him what to do, not just what not to do will help when dealing with smart dogs. Teach him Leave it and some stupid pet tricks, the more yo teach him the faster he wil settle down, Good luck

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What everyone else said is great advice. Here are a couple of facts:

1. Standards are considered to be highly intelligent dogs
2. Smart dogs that remain unstimulated = bored dog = aggravating dog

Definitely you want to eliminate boredom with a lot of mental challenges (and physical ones). The best thing about a training class is that it actually teaches the owner and not the dog.

Good luck! I have Boo who is now 1.5 yrs old (but new to us). I'm constantly having to remember how much work a "puppy" is :)

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When we got our lab 8.5 months ago, I was warned several times about their excessive chewing and people kept saying we could expect what we saw in the Marley and Me movie, boy was I scared. But we took my Vets suggestion and as soon as we could, we introduced her to puppy classes. I think those are more for us than the puppy because you really learn what's important for them to know and how to get them to understand. The one of the more essential things we learned to keep her out of our things was the swap technique. We never yelled at her or gave her negative attention. When she had something we didn't want her to have, we'd get one of her toys and pull her attention to it instead. I always call them Ellie's Toy and she now knows if it's Ellie's toy, it's hers. Praising her and playing with her and her toys also was key. This technique along with the proper amount of exercise has kept her in check. She'll be 10 months tomorrow and she's never gotten into the trash or destroyed one thing in our home. I can leave her alone in the room and the only things she plays with or touches are her things. I'd highly recommend you enroll in some puppy classes. You'll also learn some very simple but important commands that will help you to keep your puppy safe.

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