lindaga1947May 13, 2010

I lost my little pom Sable 05-10-2010 as a result of taking this flea pill. I gave it to her on 04-24-2010. She stopped eating 05-08-10, had severe stomach spasms, tried to vomit and couldn't, took her to the vet 05-10-2010 and he did blood work and said everything looked good, gave me capstar to give her later, a shot to help her appetite. My granddaughter gave her the capstar at 3:30 pm that same day and Sable's heart started to pound so loudly you could hear it and was beating really fast, at 3:50 pm she was dead.

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I am very, very sorry about your beloved little dog.

I'm not sure why you think the Comfortis caused her death. If it had side effects I believe they would have happened right after you gave it to her, not two weeks later.

Whatever the reason was, my thoughts go out to you.

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I am very sorry as well.

I'd be interested to learn the lesions found in necropsy that were associated with Comfortis toxicity. I don't prescribe it very often even though the hospital where I work sells it. Please share any information you have so I help avoid further tragedies. Also, what shot was given? Maybe we should avoid whatever the shot was when Comfortis has beed given. Or maybe Capstar was the problem.

Again I am very sorry for your loss.

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