Quartzite or soapstone....switching gears completely

jett254March 31, 2014

I went on a long 5 day hunt across multiple states for the perfect quartzite that would give me the carerra marble look (specifically wanted a white and gray quartzite) without the marble durability. I feel in love with 2 different slabs that I brought home and tested, only to find they were not quartzite as advertised.

I was able to "settle" for a beautiful lot of Taj Mahal quartzite that passed my testing with flying colors. It does have some gray and white in it, but also a lot of warm colors - browns, creams, golds. My concern and hesitation was that it was going to change my whole vision of the kitchen - my floors are a warm wood to match the rest of the house, and we have white inset cabinets and white subway tile planned for the backsplash. The house we are moving into is a 1927 stone colonial and I'm trying to find something that fits with the house - the house just doesn't look like a granite house to me.

And then I came across soapstone. Now I'm thinking about switching gears completely. Obviously it is a different look but I feel like it fits with the style of the house. I've testing it and looked at a friend's kitchen with soapstone so I feel like I understand about the softness, patina, etc...

But I'm kind of hesitant because it was so different from my original vision. Ugh, so indecisive and I need to decide by tomorrow! Would love any thoughts!

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I always thought we would have med to dark cabinets with absolute black granite. After being on GW for a few years started considering other granites. In the end we chose between a very dark granite and white diamond (bianco antico) which are complete opposites. White diamond won and it did change my vision of our kitchen but for the better.

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Kelly Ryan

wow! I almost wrote this same exact post (minus the Taj Majal part) last night - details all the same! I've been searching/testing all different gray/white quartzites that failed miserably. I want to use it but I just can't justify it, knowing the etching will bother me and I will be nervous to use my own kitchen.

In the last week, I shifted gears to soapstone. I've always liked the look, but I'm struggling with changing up "my vision" so significantly. On top of that, I'm not finding a particular slab that I love. After the recommendation of a relative who has it, I'm now seriously leaning towards leathered jet mist granite. It looks very similar to soapstone (although feels very different - but I'm ok with that) and seems to not have the downsides common with soapstone (maintenance if you choose to oil it, dings, scratches). Again, the hardest part for me is changing up what I've been planning for months now. I don't want to regret it! I know exactly what you're feeling. It's hard!

One idea I had, and am seriously considering, is using a carrera marble subway backsplash instead of my original-planned white subway tile. Since I'm losing the look of marble on the counters, I figure I can now have it on the backsplash instead. Might be something to consider for you as well.

Good luck! I agree that soapstone will fit the style of your home beautifully. It's a gorgeous, classic look.

Personally, I have found the counters to be the hardest decision by far. My cabinets have been in for 3 weeks and I still can't decide. Everything else left is all dependent on my counter choice. Ugh!

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I was part of the 'want quartzite' group. What did you all wind up with? How different did it turn out from original vision?

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Kelly Ryan

I ended up with leathered jet mist and I LOVE it. No regrets from me, even though, yes, it is totally different from my original plan!

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I am sure either choice would look lovely. But you are right - different looks, though I think both will convey a warm classic kitchen. Close your eyes and picture your kitchen with both. One gives you high contrast btwn the counters and cabs and the other doesn't, but leaves the contrast btwn the floors and cabs. You really can't go wrong with either but have to decide which look you'd rather see in your kitchen. Can you post some pics with your cabs and the stone samples?

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