Dog with tummy trouble

socksMay 11, 2013

Last week the dog could not keep food down. I took him to the vet who could find nothing wrong and gave him a shot of cerenia and recommended small meals which solved the problem until today. He won't eat again tonight and is eating grass like a horse, in the back yard.

Any suggestions for tummy trouble like this? Home remedies? He acts fine, enjoyed his walk and did a good poop on the walk. I'll try him later again on dinner. It's a Westie by the way.

7:45--he ate a little chicken. We'll see if it stays down.

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the few times my danes have had tummy trouble, i have given them a pepcid. it's always taken care of the problem without further action.

what do you feed him and has that changed recently?

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He eats Merrick kibble with 2 tablespoons of homemade ground turkey with vegetables (a recipe recommended by Westie Rescue of Orange County). He has been on this diet about a month.

So far the chicken has stayed down.

Edited Sunday morning: he's back to eating again. Yay!!!

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My lab would have episodes where she could not keep food down for a day or two, and she would sometimes eat grass like you mentioned your dog doing.

I got in the habit of just switching her to certain foods when she had a bad spell. She loved rice, sometimes with peas and carrots in it, and sometimes with boiled hamburger- it depended on how "off" her tummy was. When she got older, I'd make her baked potatoes with butter, which she loved and it generally sat pretty well. It seemed like she'd need 2 or 3 meals of "comfort food" and then she'd be right back to her regular stuff.

ETA: I wanted to clarify some info about potatoes before I get flamed here. In regard to feeding dogs baked potatoes, I often microwaved them and fed them to her without the skin. Some people are cautious about potato skins, as some feel they are toxic to dogs and cats. In my research it seems that the problems occur with green skins/eyes, and raw skins and potato, so would definitely avoid those if you ever have an inkling to give your dog a baked potato :)

Best of luck.

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I have a old Yorkie that has stomach problems. I took her to vets for years for this until I figured out that when she seems to have a belly ache, I give her 1/4 of a carafate tablet mixed with water in a syringe a couple of times a day and feed her Hills I/D perscription food for a couple of days. She's only had to go to the vet once in the past 3 years for this. That was only because I was taking care of a sick family member and missed her symptoms. I get the carafate from the Mexican pharmacy in Algadones, MX.

I have a vet that will sell me the I/D anytime I ask. He also keeps an eye on my old girls health for me.

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