What's Cutest Thing Your Pet Has Done?

lucky_12May 10, 2010

What's the cutest thing your pet has ever done?

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One incident that comes to mind is the incident when Rosie (part Weimaraner & part Pit, what a mix!) was doing her usual grooming of Pepper my old guy kitty.

Rosie licks & licks & does that "corn on the cob" thing with her teeth, as though she's looking for fleas;
it always *looks* a little bit disturbing, like a pit bull eating a cat, & on this particular morning the smacking sounds finally got on my very last nerve.

I took Pepper away from Rosie & made her get in her bed.

Pepper sat there for maybe one moment, then he walked to Rosie's bed, & walked right up under her chin to be groomed some more.

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when my new 3 yr old shih tzu jumps on the bed in the morning and throws herself on her back across my neck for a tummy rub. It's pretty cute (if not a little bit weird)

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Emma, a Havanese, gives the kitty kisses. The cats face is a hoot, like yuck, I've been slimed!

Nancy VB

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The parakeet says, "I love you!" particularly when he knows he's in trouble. He doesn't know what it means; he just knows that it works.

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Our calico Feliz is cute all over, all the time, and is constantly being adorable! One of her best is to hop on our bed, walk very deliberately up to my husband and lick him on the ear until he gets up and feeds her. I think it's cute because she doesn't get ME up!

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My dog Lena who passed last August, she was begging for a bit of cheese I was eating. So I thought I'd fool her and instead gave her a piece of fruit I think. She snapped it up and then quickly spit it out. I got right down in her face and laughed at her saying "ha, ha, ha". She in turn nipped the end of my nose just enough to make me feel it!

I loved her so much and miss her.

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I don't know if this is cute or not but my little stinker dog thought I was holding food in my hand and jumped up and grabbed it. It was a cig butt and he spit it out and shook his head like Yuck Mom !

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My dog was 3 months old when I adopted her from the shelter . She was abandoned and was really timid. When she was calm & still -- I'd go up to her and just barely touch her on the front of her lips and "give her a kiss" and talk softly . I kept doing it , barely touching her lips. Suddenly , she decided to give me a kiss back. She raised her lips and bared her teeth and rubbed them so HARD into my lips & teeth it hurt ! Sometimes she gives little bites like she's biting a flea. OUCH! LOL - but I call that our "special kiss" . It's so funny . No one else gets it but me ... and only when she's "getting loved" ...

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Yes, toomuchglass - that's exactly how Lena would give me kisses, with JUST enough tongue! ha. So cute and endearing. I wish you many many years of "special kisses".

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Basil and Sally do many cute and many annoying things. They keep life interesting! But I think they are exceptionally cute when they snuggle together, especially on a cold winter day. They are 10 year old litter mates:

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My poor Max....

Max is a Doberman I found running down the road with a hurt foot;
the vet thinks he was a stud dog at a puppy mill, since Max originally was comfortable with other dogs & not with people (& since he tried to mount every female in the clinic!).

Max has come a long way in the past few years, but he's still scared of everything.

The other day he ran out the front door & wouldn't come back.

"Fine", I thought. "Somebody will yell at him to get off their grass, or the Rottweiler down the road will be out again, & Max will come running back in a lather."

Sure enough, about 5 minutes later, Max came galloping home & skidded into the driveway in a panic, followed by the pursuing beast...a Scottie.

(& here's a link to the other thread about our crazy pets.)

Here is a link that might be useful: eccentric pets

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