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shylock1May 18, 2013

If anyone has stopped using Wellness Cat Food, you are not alone. Here is the reason: Previously, Wellness produced their cat food at two locations, west and east.
The cans that started with MW on the bottom of the can (west) is what my cat was raised on for the last three years. Recently, my cat rejected it and I noticed that the product in the can was liquidity, smelled different and appeared to be more fatty. After talking with Wellness, I was informed that those were from the east coast production facility and had a 7W on the bottom of the can.
They also said that the 7W plant was the only one that will be producing in the future. After buying up a whole bunch of MW cans, I nevertheless, will have to prepare to switch from Wellness to another. Wellness doesn't seem to care as they are aware of this dissatisfaction.

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My cans are 7W and I haven't noticed any difference. I'm on the west coast.

Has anyone had problems with Avoderm Chicken Formula? Last year my elderly cat vomited twice after eating it. I bought a few cans for our two year old a few weeks ago. Yesterday, she vomited blood and mucus on an empty stomach. I gave her the Avoderm about an hour later and she vomited the whole feeding. She's been fine ever since and eating her Wellness food. She has never vomited in the 9 months that we've had her.

So, what do we feed our kitties who like a chicken pate style food? Trader Joe's?

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